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    Best place to buy a new side by side.

    I have a diesel John Deere gator that works well. Stotz Equipment

    Coues With Big Heavy Bullets

    Several years ago my brother shot a coues at about 225 yards with a 325 grain out of a 45-70 and it tore it up. Not really what you're looking for, it hit no bone and exploded in the deer. Much different bullet and gun, but it is big and heavy.

    Prayers for Ernesto

    Ernesto I am praying for you. Take care and God bless.

    Attention rthrbhntng!

    Happy Birthday

    Guess the Date and Time Contest

    4-10-2012 at 11:21 a.m.

    Stand United and Be Aware

    So how long do the 5% stay divided, are we all that hard headed. I think we are all fighting the same war, if we stay divided we are easily defeated.
  7. Someone can be a founder of a group or organization that turned out bad and still make sound decisions. There are a lot of people that started something for all the right reasons and as it grows or they leave it takes a turn for the worse, they look now and shake their heads at what it is, not what it was. Those people aren't all bad, heck I bet the founding fathers of our country are probably disgusted by what it has become. You can't judge everyone by who they were affiliated with at one time, people change and so do organizations. The azsfw needs to go away, but sportsmen need to unite and stand together to keep what opportunities we still have from going away.

    national monument designation

    Could a senator or representative put a bill forward that could take that process away from the president? It is getting worse every year that a minority group that live in Washington take stuff away from us and give to themselves, republicans, democrats, independents, heck every one of them are money hungry bastards that take from the people and give nothing in return. We have to vote for the lesser evil every election, never the best or most qualified. The people vote no longer matters, and even when it does the majority buys into the bullcrap about what they can get for free. Sorry if I am off subject, but it pisses me off.
  9. Allen I think you would represent us all very well, you have my vote for sure.


    Allen I meant at the annual meeting, I thought that was when members have a vote. As far as just removing someone from the board during a term I don't know how that works. I joined the ADA so I had a say, I have went to agfd meetings and said my piece on issues, but the fact is we need more people that are involved and seen. I resigned from the board because I wasn't in az during the week and couldn't attend the meetings, not for any other reason. We need something to unite the masses, to speak for the majority of hunters, to be involved with agfd and projects around the state, we don't need division among us. Divide and conquer, and the funny thing is that we have divided ourselves, not the anti's. The azsfw has split us into pieces, and at this point I hope they go away completely, but I hope it causes everyone to get involved in some way or another.


    Join the ADA and vote the officers and board members out. If they aren't going to listen to the majority of hunters then get them out, but there has to be people willing to take their place. As far as the azsfw is concerned, I don't care if they disappear, when they become bigger than they are and start to bully stuff through that the people they are supposed to represent oppose, their usefulness is gone if it was ever useful anyway.

    ADA and Gilstrap

    Very rarely do members ever speak up, especially in numbers. People sign up at the EXPO, or the ADA banquet, or just renew their membership and believe that their charitable donation supports hunting, and for the most part the ADA has been great in projects and studies for deer. The members that elect the board never show up, or maybe one or two people do to the annual meeting and the board is elected by the board because that is all that is there. They announce the meeting and who is slated for office in their announcements and their newsletter, maybe even on the website, but the board are the only ones that generally show up. They are a dedicated group that show up for these meetings and projects, but no feedback from members don't help at all. I don't know the reasons for supporting this bill, but the members have definitely spoken on their view on this one and they need to listen.

    ADA and Gilstrap

    What the ADA and other groups need is people, not only members, they need new board members, they need people that are willing to go to the meetings and listen to what's going on and voice their opinion. What I see is that the same people are always on the board, and that's not a bad thing since there are no others to fill the spots, but there needs to be more people. When I did it, I seen people show up a few times and then be gone, it gets frustrating for some when the only volunteers are themselves every time. That being said people need to get involved, say what need to be said and don't give up. Boards can be replaced if members vote for it, people can be put in and out of all these groups. The azsfw has overstepped its bounds and every group out there and their members need to shut them down on this and any bill like this. When people with power start forcing you to follow their mandates because they know what's better for you, they need to be replaced.

    ADA and Gilstrap

    I will have to renew my membership I think, but I think I will have to go to that meeting and I would hope there will be a lot of members there. I am back in az full time now and will be able to attend a few more meetings I hope. I hate that the azsfw is dragging this out and dragging sportsmen, and the groups that support them and wildlife through the mud as well.

    ADA and Gilstrap

    Amanda when is the annual meeting for the ADA, curious as to how members are going to react to the board.