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Trail Cam Pics

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I was looking back through some trail cam pics from a 3 years ago of a great group of bucks that we had captured on camera in september and we had the october rifle hunt. Hunted hard that year but couldn't find any of these bucks that year. Haven't looked at the pictures since then until yesterday. Now looking at these, I realize that these guys all survived and we found them 2 years ago and chased them all over the hills. I got a couple quick shots off at the biggest guy as he jumped up infront of us but couldn't hit him, but I did end up taking one of his buddies that was right behind him, who is in a couple of these pictures. Seeing these got me really excited about hunting this year as I believe this big guy is still out there as we saw him last year but couldn't get a shot on him. Enjoy. Have a great 4th of July.







I really like this picture. Great buck






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Very nice buck. Getting pumped for this archery season! Good luck shoot straight andl et the air of him.

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