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November Archery Bull

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post-3109-0-65084200-1353600341_thumb.jpgI took this years bull yesterday on the sixth day of the hunt. Had five days of chasing elk under the rim with Mark this year. Had a couple stalks on bulls just over the 300 mark but it seemed the wind wanted to start swirling when I would get within 200 yrds of the bulls. Yesterday I had planned on setting up in front of two 5x5's that we had watched come down the same trail the 2 days prior. We got to our glassing spot and I could not pick the two up, so I told Mark to try going after some other bulls we were watching and I would try to talk him into them.


When Mark got to the spot he was to start his hike I picked up what would end up being my bull and his seven cows below Mark. I told Mark to eaze over and see if he could see them and get a shot. Mark got to the edge and could not see them due to heavey cover so I told Mark I would come in from the bottom and probably bump them right by him.


When I reach the bottom though the cows were walking out and away from Mark and 90 yrds from me. I could not see the bull and knew that if I were to keep going I would push the cows away from Mark and the bull would follow so I stayed put and ten minutes later the bull breaks a branch behind me and I come to full draw. The bull pops out at 20yrds and I can only see his head. He turns looks at me and bolts out making a big hook. I let down and listen to where he is going. When he reaches what I believe to be 60 yrds I cow call and stop him but am not able to shoot due to the brush infront of him. He starts to walk again and walks into an opening, I stop him once more range him at 76 yrds and get the arrow on its way. I was able to follow the arrow in flight and watch it hit 2" behind the shoulder. I hear him crash 100yrds infront of me.


Not as big as the last two years bulls but I am happy with him. Thanks for the help Mark in getting him out and thanks Justin and Nate for coming up last weekend.


Sorry for the long read I was bored this morning.

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We couldn't even find a bull in 23,Once the snow hit a week before the hunt they where gone in the area's we scouted for 2 months.

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