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  1. pwrguy

    Tony Mandile - Outdoor Writer

  2. pwrguy

    Kuiu Roll Call

    Love the attack pants as well. I wear them almost every day. Most comfortable pants I have ever worn.
  3. pwrguy

    Pictures posting sideways

    With windows computer open in paint, rotate, save, done.
  4. pwrguy

    wtb 200 amp metered box/panel

    For APS service? Overhead ones have been near impossible to find for months.
  5. pwrguy

    Hyperinflation is coming...

    Good advice. Even though it's bounced higher it is still a bargain. It's going MUCH higher in the not-too-distant future
  6. pwrguy

    Tick no big deal?

    Did you have a rifle to check out. I didn't know you could cross on Sunday? They checked my group for ticks the 3 times I crossed there
  7. pwrguy

    A little late but here's my 2021 antilope

    Wow...how long are those horns?
  8. pwrguy

    Big Ram Down!!! New unit record

    FAN-tastic. Great job!!
  9. pwrguy

    My 2021 RAM!!!!!

    Great job, fantastic Ram
  10. pwrguy

    Had a good hunt.

    Good job Bryan...meat in the freezer
  11. pwrguy

    37a 2020 Ram

    Awesome Ram. It was great speaking with you last year
  12. You don't happen to be passing through Payson anytime soon?
  13. pwrguy

    Non Covid bug going around

    Exactly. CDC, NIH, FDA are all in bed with the drug dealers.
  14. pwrguy

    Life perspective

    Ok...thats funny I don't care who you are
  15. pwrguy

    Portable Shooting bench

    Bench is SPF with second buyer in line. Thanks