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  1. pwrguy

    Savage Lefty model 16

  2. pwrguy

    Chevlon canyon lake

    Interesting. I have been told by numerous people that if it fits between the poles it can go through. My Rhino is well in excess of 40 inches and fits through (barely). Anything bigger than a Rhino isn't going through. I was down there a few years back and there was a G&F officer and he didn't say anything to me?
  3. pwrguy

    Chevlon canyon lake

    What he said
  4. pwrguy

    Rules For Classifieds

    Interesting post. I have had nothing but positive experiences both buying and selling on here. The terms should be left to the seller, I have no problems telling low ballers to buzz off. As a buyer I don't expect someone to hold something for me for 2 weeks.
  5. pwrguy

    ISO Glock 22 or 23

    Let me know if you have one you are looking to sell. PM on here or text nine2ate474ate 235. yes my spelling is bad
  6. pwrguy

    I declined a goulds tag that was surrendered

    If you had 1 BP maybe...definitely the right call
  7. pwrguy

    Enough Gun for Buffalo??

    Any of the above will work fine. My bullet of choice was the 210 ABLR. Like every other game species placement is critical.
  8. pwrguy

    Spring fishing 🎣

  9. I have a lefty rebel action made by them and the machine work is pretty flawless. That being said there is an abundance of Remington-like actions out there that are all far better than the original Remington. If you purchase I don't think you will be disappointed
  10. pwrguy


    Great deal on such a gently used machine
  11. pwrguy

    Savage Lefty model 16

  12. Toooo funny....there are definitely some amateur comedians on this site😀
  13. Yeah I got that one as well. I can just imagine the nefarious purposes they have in mind for those lists. Fortunately I didn't draw in those years.
  14. For Sale: $100.00 Used size 11.5M Kenetrek Boots. I purchased these about 4 years ago but never really cared for the fit. I have wide feet and it took months to break them in. Lots of good life left in them. Located in Payson and would prefer face to face. PM or call 9twoeight4748twothreefive