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  1. pwrguy

    Ruger 10/22 Takedown Stainless Barrel Threaded

    You don't happen to be passing through Payson anytime soon?
  2. pwrguy

    Non Covid bug going around

    Exactly. CDC, NIH, FDA are all in bed with the drug dealers.
  3. pwrguy

    Life perspective

    Ok...thats funny I don't care who you are
  4. pwrguy

    Portable Shooting bench

    Bench is SPF with second buyer in line. Thanks
  5. pwrguy

    Portable Shooting bench

    No travel plans except a trip to Phoenix area at the end of the month
  6. pwrguy

    Kenetrek Desert Guide Size 11.5

  7. pwrguy

    Portable Shooting bench

  8. pwrguy

    Kenetrek Desert Guide Size 11.5

  9. pwrguy

    Portable Shooting bench

    price lowered OBO
  10. pwrguy

    Pulled a deer out of a pothole

    wow, not something you see every day. Great work!!!
  11. pwrguy

    Airlines becoming MMA

    A figure of speech...I choose neither.
  12. pwrguy

    Airlines becoming MMA

    Exactly...I would rather have teeth pulled than get on an airplane under these sorry conditions
  13. pwrguy

    Kenetrek Desert Guide Size 11.5

    Yep I still have these
  14. pwrguy

    Portable Shooting bench

    You need this
  15. pwrguy

    Relentless Scammers

    Ok...that was just funny