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  1. pwrguy

    Wind Meter

    I run an older Kestrel with bluetooth as well. Works great.
  2. pwrguy

    RIP GameHauler

    RIP Mike
  3. I currently use a Bogen and Outdoorsman tripod. What is everyone using for heavy use items such as spotting scopes with camera's and possibly mounting rifles to the tripod as well.
  4. pwrguy


    one ticked off kitty cat
  5. pwrguy

    Deadline, Colorado

    Done, just did BP this year
  6. pwrguy

    Young Road Condition, any snow

    I was on the rim on Wed. Not much snow left, I doubt you will have any issues other than chewed up roads possibly
  7. pwrguy

    FS Optics Hunter Pack with Frame

    Good deal. Free bump
  8. pwrguy

    WTB KUIU Super Down PRO Hooded Jacket

    I don't have one for sale but I just picked one up. Awesome jacket, I can't believe how light weight it is and yet incredibly warm.
  9. That is a sweet rig. What action and barrel?
  10. pwrguy

    2007 Yamaha Rhino only 253 Actual Miles

    That is wild. Must have spent a lot of time idling. I think I put more miles on mine the first day I owned it Pretty good deal for someone that likes that rig I happen to love mine, doesn't ride as smooth or fast as the newer stuff but gets the job done and has a much narrower wheel base than most. Good luck on your sale.
  11. pwrguy

    2019 Mexico hunt

    Congrats, very nice buck!!
  12. pwrguy

    Hunting other states

    Tooo funny Brian. I hope you didn't try that
  13. pwrguy

    22 Non- Residents had 15+ BPs

    I have been fortunate enough to draw 2 rifle antelope tags in the past. Going into next year with 19
  14. pwrguy

    Hunting other states

    I do Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, and some misc raffles every year. If I didn't live in AZ I would find it to be one of the biggest pain in the butt websites and draw systems. They all have their ins an outs as far as odds and simplicity to work with. As far as quality elk hunts go they are getting pretty hard to come by without waiting 10 to 25 years for. If you do archery and muzzy you definitely help your odds in procuring a bull tag. New Mexico has some great hunting but they don't have a bonus point system and they make you front the money every year. If I already have a busy year planned I don't mess with NM. Utah is my favorite easy to use website, although I have yet to draw one of their premium tags As far as trying to figure out what units to put in for I would suggest subscribing to a service such as Huntin Fool or Gohunt.com to assist in unit and state breakdowns. Unless you have an inordinate amount of time on your hands the task of figuring out this stuff can be overwhelming. I hope this helps, if you are going to do Utah you better be quick it is just a few days away.
  15. pwrguy

    Alaska fishing trip recommendations

    Listen to this guy. Spend the money and go somewhere everybody and their brother can't drive to from Anchorage. I was up there last summer and the Kenai fishing was terrible.