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  1. pwrguy

    Optic for AR Platform

    There has got to be a major story behind this boating thing. Thanks for the posts guy's
  2. pwrguy

    Optic for AR Platform

    Jimmer, thanks for the response. The rifle is an Armalite .308. In theory it should reach out and touch, but right now I have not shot it so I'm not sure how accurate it will be. I will probably fit it with something I already own before I decide if I want to dump that much into an optic. Those look like some good choices if I decide to go that direction. If the rifle is capable of zombie head shots at 500 I might just pull the trigger on something nice to top it with.
  3. pwrguy


    I'm surprised you don't have a bunch of offers. Ammo is hard to find right now.
  4. pwrguy

    Optic for AR Platform

    Thanks for the responses. Having trouble deciding which way to go. ACOG looks a little more than I wanted to go.
  5. I am looking to put an optic on an AR10. Looking for suggestions on what to look for and to see what others have on theirs or are willing to sell. I am not really a black gun kind of guy but am thinking about being better prepared when the zombie apocalypse arrives. This would probably be for engaging targets under 300 yards?
  6. pwrguy

    Chineese seeds being mailed out.

    eye herd its rood to mace fun of peeples speling and grahmer on thee inter-net
  7. pwrguy

    Savage Lefty model 16 Stainless

    Bump for a solid lefty action with rail
  8. pwrguy

    Polles fire (west of Payson) Helicopter down.

    Yep, hopefully we get some lighting that comes with rain soon
  9. pwrguy

    Polles fire (west of Payson) Helicopter down.

    Hopefully they regain control of that one. I would think that would be a threat to Pine/Strawberry if it got too big.
  10. pwrguy

    HWY 87 ony 1 lane open

    Adam, enjoy the black scenery
  11. pwrguy

    Fires and how soon

    Just my opinion. Deer will be back this year, 2-3 years it will be better than it was. I am wondering about the sheep in that area?