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  1. pwrguy


    Well...there is that maybe wait a few weeks
  2. pwrguy


    Congrats on the tag. Never too early to start learning the country.
  3. are the KUIU pants still available?

    1. pwrguy


      No I have traded them off thanks

  4. pwrguy

    .300 win mag for Coues

    No such thing as overkill. I have killed a bunch with my 300 because that is my most accurate rifle.
  5. pwrguy

    Happy Birthday Amanda!

    Happy birthday!!!
  6. pwrguy

    Proud Dad Moment

    Great...love to see the success of juniors 👍
  7. pwrguy

    2022 Alaska Dall Sheep

    Awesome congrats and thanks for sharing
  8. pwrguy

    Tony Mandile - Outdoor Writer

  9. pwrguy

    Kuiu Roll Call

    Love the attack pants as well. I wear them almost every day. Most comfortable pants I have ever worn.
  10. pwrguy

    Pictures posting sideways

    With windows computer open in paint, rotate, save, done.
  11. pwrguy

    wtb 200 amp metered box/panel

    For APS service? Overhead ones have been near impossible to find for months.
  12. pwrguy

    Hyperinflation is coming...

    Good advice. Even though it's bounced higher it is still a bargain. It's going MUCH higher in the not-too-distant future