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  1. pwrguy

    First set of the year

    Nice, thanks for the report I was thinking it was about time
  2. pwrguy

    My Mx buck

    Awesome buck, great mass
  3. pwrguy

    Game and fish finally does something right. Good job

    Yeah..it worked great unless you were one of the handful of unfortunates that get's hacked on your credit card right before the draw. Prepaid debit cards might be safer but even they are not 100%.
  4. pwrguy

    Game and fish finally does something right. Good job

    I'm with the OP. This was the right thing to do. Kudo's to G&F. Credit and debit card snafu's can happen to any of us at any time. I do wish they would figure out a way to eliminate this problem or go back to calling people when their cards don't work.
  5. pwrguy

    Winchester 556 1000 rounds

    Hard to argue with this logic. It's worth whatever someone is willing to pay
  6. pwrguy


    All I have is these. Expensive for target but if interested let me know if you happen to be passing by this way. I don't own anything that uses them. I will take $25.00 for them. (20 count box)
  7. pwrguy


    I believe I have one box if you're coming through Payson anytime
  8. pwrguy

    Kids pig

  9. pwrguy

    Any Crypto traders out there?

    It's very competitive right now with lot's of demand. Most of the dealers are pretty close to one another, the only deals seem to be if you find a private party willing to sell close to spot. Precious metals seem way overpriced but with all of the fiat overprinting maybe it's still a good deal. I'm not predicting in any way shape or form but I do love stuff I can lay my hands on
  10. pwrguy

    Housing in Payson

    Payson has gone nuts on real estate. Double wide's in very old neighborhoods going over 200 G. I don't see anything changing anytime soon even in an economic downturn. People from California move here and call what we have here "affordable". I feel bad for the young blue collar people that would like to live here, there is no affordable inventory to purchase or rent.
  11. pwrguy

    Wife and I doubled yesterday

    Great job Adam. Looks like a handgun to me 😃 at least by today's definition. Could be and probably will be different very soon.
  12. pwrguy

    WTB 300 PRC Ammo

    Sure looks like PRC ammo is the newest unobtanium
  13. pwrguy

    Gun Smiths

  14. pwrguy

    FYI --New Log-In For AGFD Portal

    75 minutes on hold no big deal I kept myself busy. The person I talked to was very pleasant, Got the password updated in about 2 minutes