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  1. pwrguy

    Wyoming Archery Antelope Semi Live Hunt

    Congrats Adam, good job.
  2. pwrguy

    Wyoming Archery Antelope Semi Live Hunt

    Good luck Adam. Be safe
  3. pwrguy

    Walkie Talkies

    Pretty easy to break the law with these without a ham license but they are an awesome cheap radio. Also, I might add, pretty easy to break the law with a ham license.
  4. pwrguy

    Early season

    More sunscreen...bigger hat
  5. pwrguy

    Left Hand 22LR?

    I'm a righty but left eye dominant. I own 3 left handed bolt guns and love them. That being said I shot a lot of right handed guns through the years and didn't really feel handicapped by them. Having a left hand rifle is a luxury but not really a necessity. I will choose an accurate right handed rifle over an average left handed any time. Sorry no experience with rimfire bolt rifles.
  6. pwrguy

    Remington 700 adl youth stainless rifle 7mm08

    That is a great youth setup. Good luck.
  7. pwrguy

    Wind Meter

    I run an older Kestrel with bluetooth as well. Works great.
  8. pwrguy

    RIP GameHauler

    RIP Mike
  9. I currently use a Bogen and Outdoorsman tripod. What is everyone using for heavy use items such as spotting scopes with camera's and possibly mounting rifles to the tripod as well.
  10. pwrguy


    one ticked off kitty cat
  11. pwrguy

    Deadline, Colorado

    Done, just did BP this year
  12. pwrguy

    Young Road Condition, any snow

    I was on the rim on Wed. Not much snow left, I doubt you will have any issues other than chewed up roads possibly
  13. pwrguy

    FS Optics Hunter Pack with Frame

    Good deal. Free bump
  14. pwrguy

    WTB KUIU Super Down PRO Hooded Jacket

    I don't have one for sale but I just picked one up. Awesome jacket, I can't believe how light weight it is and yet incredibly warm.
  15. That is a sweet rig. What action and barrel?