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Remington Sendero 7MM RUM Barrel, brass, bullets and dies.

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This is a nice fluted Remington Sendero 7MM RUM barrel. It is 27 1/4 inches long including the Gary Reeder muzzle brake. It has about 400 rounds through it and was newly re-crowned when I took the barrel off. The barrel is threaded for a Remington 700 so all you need is a magnum action and you are ready for some long range shooting.


I am including:

RCBS Reloading Dies

83 Remington Brass

5 Loaded Rounds


And the following 7mm (.284) Bullets:


80 Berger VLDs 180 grain

64 Sciroccos 150 grain

50 Nosler Partition 150 grain

37 Nosler Solid Base 150 grain

24 Nosler Accubond 160 grain

10 Nosler Ballistic Tip 150 grain


I can deliver to the Phoenix Metro area as well as Northern Arizona




Call or text 928-853-2119






I have had numerous questions about this barrel so I thought I would provide additional information.


I am not at all unhappy with this caliber/barrel in fact, it was kind of fun to out run my buddies and their STWs...


When this barrel was removed there appeared to be a small flaw on the crown so my gunsmith re-crowned the barrel. I fully intended to find an action and use this barrel on another build which is what I will do if it does not sell.


This barrel always shot very well and the best load was 180 grain Bergers with 81 grains of IMR 7828. With this load we were getting 4 inch groups (actual not internet groups) at 800 yards.


This is my sons rifle and he had the idea that bigger is better and re-barreled it with a carbon fiber barrel in 338 RUM so that is why this barrel is for sale.



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