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Killing Giants in 3A Antelope Style!

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When you talk Antelope in the State of Arizona the unit 3A is never talked about for having big Antelope.  Here are the Antelope we have killed in the last two consecutive years in the unit.

Here is the buck we named Flare mounted and on display.

Here is the hunt for the buck we named "Flare" 


Then last year I look at over 50 bucks before the hunt starts and finally find the buck we hunt opening morning.  I bed him the night before the hunt and at daylight we are on him.  After giving him a warning shot over his back we caught back up with him about 4 miles later and make a great shot.  Congrats two awesome Antelope in a unit that is not know for quality. 





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Awesome bucks, great job for sure. 3A is a sleeper for big goats. I have a couple good friends that have shot a 85 and a 88 incher in 3A. Not one of the best units but still some toads. congrats!!!

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I've seen a couple bombers in there, but it's certainly not a high-percentage trophy hunt. Unless you live there and scout it almost daily - :)

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