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Steel Force Phat Head S.O.B for Bull Elk?

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I have a bull tag in units 3a/3c this year and am debating on trying the Phat Head S.O.B

100 grain because of the amazing toughness of the Phat head blades and the extra cutting capacity.

I wouldn't normally consider going with a mechanical for bull elk but this one seems to be

as "fail safe" as they come and I am hoping the blades will fly like my field points.

I was impressed by the youtube video in which they shot several mechanicals through metal barrels and most of the mechanical blew up or were severely damaged.

I know the key is sharpness and placement and flight on each individual setup.

I will be using an Elite Energy 35 set at 70 lbs and want something that is capable

at longer ranges if needed.

Only downside to these broadheads is price at $45 for 3!!

But how often do you get a bull tag?

Has anyone used this broadhead?


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I wouldn't really call it a mechanical myself... I tried the phat head last year and really wanted to use them, but I couldn't get the accuracy. They consistently out penetrated the slick tricks I did go with.

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