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T/C Contender Frame with 3 barrels; .223, 7mm TCU, .45 LC/.410.

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This is a very nice shooting pistol that is fun and comfortable to shoot. It has slayed several pigs on the HAM hunts and shoots great. When hunting, I attach a bipod to the front swivel stud and it shoots a lot like a rifle. I put a sling on it and carry it over my shoulder or inside of my pack. It is super accurate, I just don't use it anymore. Would like around $850 for cash, trade value would need to be a little more. Unsure of round count. I bought it lightly used about 15 years ago and have maybe put 150 rounds down the .223 barrel. I have not shot the 7mm TCU barrel, the guy before me shot it very little. The .45 LC/.410 barrel has been shot very little as well. The 7mm TCU is a necked up .223 Rem case that is easily done. I never did it because the .223 barrel fit my needs and was very effective on javelina, which was my intended use.


High-end 15x binos or high quality 12 gauge trades considered. Anything else just let me know. I can add cash if necessary for the right trade.



Blued T/C Contender Frame with Pachmeyer grips

.223 super 14 barrel with leupold bases and rings

7mm TCU super 14 barrel with bases and rings

.45 long colt/.410 barrel 10 inch

Choke tube wrench

Leupold vari x 2.5-8x32 eer scope (on the .223 barrel)

Hammer extender

Trigger job

Sling swivels installed

7mm tcu Dies

Quality soft case designed for the Contender

Anything else I can find that goes with it.

No issues. It just doesn't get shot anymore.

It has been hunted, but in good to very good condition. The scope has some minor scratches, but function is not affected. It is sighted in and ready to hunt.

Located in NW Peoria.




Thanks for looking.








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Not sure about splitting at this point. I would prefer to sell together, but if something changes I will let you know. Not sure how to tell if G1 or G2?? Any help would be appreciated.

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It's a G1.


Looks like a G1 to me also. I don't recall seeing any G2 grips with that little flap sticking out under the trigger guard. Is there another way to tell from the pictures?

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G1 frames are completely flat sided. G2's have the elevated metal riidge like the encores. This is a second generation G1 frame with the cross bolt safety.

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