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Winchester 1895 for Sale

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Here's a gun you don't see very often....especially in this configuration. Winchester unsuccessfully attempted to get the US military to select the model 1895 as the service rifle back in the late 1890's. There was one order placed and then the US scrapped the plan to use them. This is a Winchester model 1895 musket made about 1898. It is marked US on the receiver and the caliber is 30-40 Krag. This one is not a high end collectible. The buttstock has been replaced and it now has a rifle style stock on it. The gun has seen quite a bit of use but has a pretty good bore and seems to work just fine. It's a pretty cool old gun. I don't have any 30-40 ammo so I haven't fired it. $850 Located in Tempe area







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You find some cool stuff levers

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