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    WTB Steel for centerfire shooting

    Just be careful with the ones from IMS, they have AR500 and some other stuff. My buddy bough 4 of them down here in Tucson that the guy swore were AR500 and we shot through all 4 of them before we realized what was happening. I got my 1/2" AR500 steel on Amazon, we have shot 270 wsm, 300 wsm, 28 nosler, 300 win mag, 300 rum amongst others and no issues at 200 yards and further.

    ISO 300 Win Mag Brass/Dies

    Thank you sir, look forward to meeting up with your wife to get this process started. Thanks again.

    ISO 300 Win Mag Brass/Dies

    I am in Tucson like you, I am picking up stuff from Desert Muley next week so once I get going I will let you know what more I need.
  4. I have quite a bit of once fired mostly federal brass . Along with some hornady and some other brand ammo brass . But it’s all once fired . I havnt counted the exact number but it’s 6-7 boxes I believe . 

  5. A friend just recently purchased a 300 win mag and I am looking for brass and dies so we can reload for it.

    Tires wheels F350

    Sold pending pick up

    Ranger tires/wheels


    Tires wheels F350

    Pm answered

    Tires wheels F350

    I’ve got a set of stock wheels (16") and tires off of my 2002 f350. Tires hold air have have a little life. C water caps and lug nuts included. Make an offer sound like ten gone soon, well the wife would. Located in Tucson.
  10. LJSIII

    Taxidermist conflict help

    If you haven’t found someone yet I highly recommend Chris Harlow, I got last years deer back in 7 months
  11. LJSIII

    Ranger tires/wheels

    Sold pending pick up
  12. LJSIII

    Ranger tires/wheels

    Up for sale are a set of stock wheel and tires off of my 2012 Polaris Ranger Crew. Tires are 26 9-12 and 26 11-12, tires are maxxis angla with at least 70% tread and no patches. Lug nuts are included with the tires and wheel, I don't want to split the set. Reason for selling is upgraded and no longer need these. Asking $225 obo located in Tucson, AZ. Can txt if you like 520591188nine