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bigorange - my doc had me on the intermittent fasting and it worked.  I'm glad to hear it's working for you - progress is excellent.  I eventually grew tired of it as absolutely NO ONE in my circle of friends was doing it.  Going to breakfast or lunch with everyone and drinking tea got a little old.  For me - it seems easier to order vegetables and a meat and eat on a regular schedule.  A guy has to pick what works.  From a lifetime of trying things - the "Keto" post I put above has worked for me the best. It's been the easiest.  Like I said - I don't even know if it qualifies as "Keto" - but when I follow the app I get results

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The keto diet is too radicle for me but a modified keto works.  Cut the carbs.  I found that on a Keto diet food doesn't taste good so you eat less.  Go slow dont expect to drop pounds rapidly.  Sugar and processed flour are addictive drugs.  😷

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