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Lathe fun

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I have been building little items with the Lathe until i have bought all tools needed for barrels and action work. So far i have built Spikes for both my Atlas pods, new Bolt knobs for both of my customs, and now playing with Delrin making zero stops for my scopes and rod guides.


I could not be happier with the lathe. Very precise. A little vibrations at first but once i started eliminating the vibrations she hums nicely now. One big problem is the motor mount. I placed 1/2 conveyor belt between mount and motor and that almost got rid of any sounds. I would highly recommend anyone getting into making your own barrels to look at the Precision Matthews PM12X36. It is very affordable (compared to other models) and comes with more goodies (ie break, coolant system, micrometer stop, ect) you can even upgrade the motor now (precision Matthews has an alternate motor you can buy).


I have been saving money so i can get all the tooling i need (manson floating reamer holder, Reamers, Reamer micro meter stop, Gator Chuck, Phase 2 tool post, ect) but now am wanting a small Mill so i can do other work oh and the tooling need for it which is worse than the lathe . Man what have i got myself into. It will take me years if not centuries to buy everything i am wanting now...LOL.












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Nice work!

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That's a nice toy to have. Mine is an old South Bend. I also have a Bridgeport Mill. EBay has been a great source of quality used tooling for both machines.

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