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  1. 300RUM

    What's your favorite CWT thread?

    Now there's a memory. That is the event that got me involved with CWT. Edge's 22 bull recovery was great also. I got to play pack mule on that one. I've written a few myself and read those written by others. I can't say that I have a favorite. However, as a group, the posts involving the disabled veterans are my favorites. They really show that the hunting community as a whole can join together and do something that really makes a difference.
  2. 300RUM

    Please Help!

    Isn't that super raffle tag good for almost any unit? What other units might they be interested in?
  3. 300RUM

    Teacher fired for giving ZEROS

    This is an argument for the letter grading system. You failed to turn in an acceptable quantity and or quality of work. You have received an F because you are a failure. Look at the bright side, we're not giving you a zero.
  4. Fire forming can be lots of fun. Head out to the range, put out at target, then fire your blanks at it. Sooner or later someone will ask you what you are doing. With your best poker face you politely explain you are target shooting but you want to save money on targets so you're not using bullets. Some people have a lot of difficulty processing that one.
  5. 300RUM

    5 To 1 Odds.....Why Not?

    Don't over think it. Just sit down and watch "Quigley Down Under".
  6. 300RUM

    ND in Montana - Very Sobering

    That had to be an incredibly hard video for him to make. Watching someone who's been through that tell their story really drives the point home much more than having someone read a list of firearm safety tips.
  7. 300RUM

    Equal Rights

    I was watching a herd of deer this morning. One deer was running around with its head down chasing the others and sniffing them. I was ready to grab my pack and rifle. But wait, let's get out the spotting scope first. What do we have here, a dominate lesbian doe? Hey, I'm all for equal rights. If she identifies as a buck should I be allowed to tag her?
  8. 300RUM

    Utility Trailer Opinions

    Tandem or single axle? Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Tandems are less prone to sway when towing and have an increased load capacity. They have a better approach and departure angle when crossing a wash. The single axle is obviously easier to roll by hand. It is lighter and only has three tires sitting around dry rotting instead of five. My father and I own quite a few trailers. One is a Big Tex. When the wooden deck rotted out I decided to replace it with diamond plate. The guy who built the frame didn't know how to use a square, the cross members were incredibly crooked. He apparently wasn't very skilled with a tape measure either because one frame rail was theee inches longer than the other. I can't say they build all their trailers like that but I know they did at least one.
  9. 300RUM

    License Convenience Fee

    New Mexico did print-at-home. home tags for a while. You were able to print multiple copies of your tag. I'm sure there are those who did this and took multiple animals copies of the same tag. Any idea on how azgfd will prevent that from happening?
  10. 300RUM

    Gunwerks G7 BR2 question

    On the same day in Phoenix, or any other location, your zero can shift due to temperature and possibly barometric pressure changes during that same day. On a cool 40-degree morning your powder charge will produce less velocity than it will later in the day when the temperature is 80 degrees. Closer in at 200 yards it won't be a huge difference. At longer ranges that can make a big difference.
  11. 300RUM

    Cell signal in the Superstitions?

    You could try checking the Verizon website and look for a map that shows the location of their repeaters. I would expect them to be by the dam and by the town of Roosevelt near the 288 intersection. Your phone is basically just a UHF radio so to make a connection you'll need to have close to line of sight from your location to the repeater. It's a little easier to accomplish that if you know where the repeater is. You can expect around a 15-mile signal range. 20 miles is probably pushing it.
  12. 300RUM

    What Was It?

    On my archery elk hunt in 5B S, in the north end of the unit, I came across the remains of two structures. One was clearly a bunk house with a 8 by 10 base and the roof flashing for a timber stove still present. The second, about 400 yards away, was something industrial. My best guess is it related to logging as there are no shafts or tailings. I have encountered old rail grades a ways to the west that were once used for logging, but nothing close to this structure. The pictures came up out of order, 2, 3 & 4 are the bunk house site.
  13. 300RUM

    Expectations vs Reality

    Congrats on the upcoming family. That will obviously take more of your spare time. I used to work a 4-10 shift and spend most Fridays at the range and tinkering with my guns and loads. Then came a shortage of qualified employees and I found myself working 5-12's. So much for Fridays at the range. I had been a rather skilled shooter and 0.5 MOA or less was the norm. Now 3 custom 700's with NSX scopes have sat in the safe all year untouched. I had an archery bull elk hunt so the practice time got dedicated there. My parents moved, a major chore because my father and I maintain a fairly complete fabrication shop. A very good friend had a serious run-in with cancer and needed quite a bit of help with chores around the house. When I do get back to the range It will probably be more along the line of 5.0 MOA. I'll work it back down to something respectable when time becomes available. In the mean time I know I still have my toys and will get to play with them again in the future. They are expensive to replace. If you like what you have keep it. You will find time to use them just like I will. Right now it is still a good feeling knowing they are sitting in the safe just waiting on me.
  14. 300RUM

    Kembria's First Buck

    Awesome start for a new big game hunter.
  15. 300RUM

    Wind Meter

    I run a Bluetooth capable Kestrel, don't know the model number off the top of my head. I have Applied Ballistics on my phone and I'm very pleased with the results the combination is capable of producing. Let me know if you want me to check the model number for you.