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  1. 300RUM

    Road Hunting discussion

    Road hunters are a necessary part of the ecosystem, somebody has to shoot the Game and Fish decoys.
  2. 300RUM

    My Daughter is Officially a Marine

    Going into high school I believed I wanted to be an engineer. Half way through my junior year physics completely changed my mind. I dropped it and coasted through the rest of high school. I felt my options were get a job as skilled labor or enlist in the Marines. I took the easy road and hired on with a freight company driving semi-tractors. Congratulations to your daughter for taking the hard road and succeeding.
  3. 300RUM

    Trophy Bull Poached

    Two years ago I took a disabled vet into javelina tank and got him set up in a blind. On the way in we passed an elk carcass. The backstraps had been removed and everything else left to rot. Yes, I called it in. I find it interesting that javelina tank is showing up again related to a poaching incident. Coincidence?
  4. 300RUM

    Credit Cards

    I've used a Wells Fargo Advisors Visa for years and never had a problem. The offer for the card came because I run a brokerage account with Wells Fargo advisors. I'm not sure but it is possible that card might be managed a little differently because it's from a different department of Wells Fargo.
  5. Any bullet can have a bad batch or a bad day. Some humans will drop on the spot and wait to die if struck in the torso with a .22 LR, others will take repeated hits to the torso from a .45 ACP and get back up each time. I expect animals have the same variance in tolerance to pain and the will to keep going. Your bull was clearly the later. I once had to put 3 Nosler Partitions from a .270 into a mule deer. The first was a quartering shot from the rear that passed through the chest and destroyed the front shoulder on the far side. Shot through the chest and on 3 legs the deer got up and started running again. I don't consider the Partition to be a bad bullet because of this, it worked very well on other occasions. Plenty of other bullets out there to try and it can be fun to experiment. However, the next magic bullet may also fail one day. Congratulations on the nice bull.
  6. 300RUM

    Recycling rims

    Two steel rims, one laying flat and the other standing inside of it, recycle into a decent jack stand.
  7. Years back I decided i wanted a lightweight compact rifle. Being a shade tree machinist I decided to make it a DIY project. I got a Rem 700 short action to start. The selection of custom actions at the time was no where as good as today and wanting a left hand one only made it worse. I blueprinted the action & bolt, enlarged the ejection port and shaved the back of the action slightly on the sides. The bolt was fluted and handle skeletonized. A 20 inch Shilen #1 barrel in 7mm-08 Ackley was installed along with a Wyatts extended mag. The action pillar bedded in a High Tech Specialties stock. Recoil pad thickness was 0.6 inches, thick pads are comfy but heavy. Almost every opportunity to cut weight was taken. Add a Timney trigger and Callahan striker and I had a nice little gun. It spent it's first years sharing a Leupold VX-R with an AR upper. It finally got it's own scope, a NSX 2.5 - 10 x 42 Compact. The rifle weighs 7.2 pounds. I consider it to be a 500yard rifle max. As Lance stated the ultra light rifles are much harder to hold steady and accuracy suffers. With the light weight stocks if you like to tighten up a sling in a sitting position they flex easily and may contact the barrel. As cjl2010 mentioned sharp shouldered cases with little taper are a SOB to get feeding in a mag. I hate to have to admit to spending over 8 hours on that one. The solution, in part, is that you have to remove taper from the magazine to keep the relationship between the stacked rounds the same or the head of the case will drop below the bolt causing a jam. I recall having to narrow the rear of my mag about 0.120 for the Ackley. Good luck with your build.
  8. 300RUM

    What am i?

    Some mines that use Narrow Gauge rail used to have a piece of equipment that was sometimes called a mucker. Kind of like a little Bobcat with no driver's seat. It could go to the end of the rail, scoop up debris from the last blast and lift it up and over itself into an ore cart that was behind it. I've seen a few with buckets that kind of resemble that one.
  9. 300RUM

    What's your favorite CWT thread?

    Now there's a memory. That is the event that got me involved with CWT. Edge's 22 bull recovery was great also. I got to play pack mule on that one. I've written a few myself and read those written by others. I can't say that I have a favorite. However, as a group, the posts involving the disabled veterans are my favorites. They really show that the hunting community as a whole can join together and do something that really makes a difference.
  10. 300RUM

    Please Help!

    Isn't that super raffle tag good for almost any unit? What other units might they be interested in?
  11. 300RUM

    Teacher fired for giving ZEROS

    This is an argument for the letter grading system. You failed to turn in an acceptable quantity and or quality of work. You have received an F because you are a failure. Look at the bright side, we're not giving you a zero.
  12. Fire forming can be lots of fun. Head out to the range, put out at target, then fire your blanks at it. Sooner or later someone will ask you what you are doing. With your best poker face you politely explain you are target shooting but you want to save money on targets so you're not using bullets. Some people have a lot of difficulty processing that one.
  13. 300RUM

    5 To 1 Odds.....Why Not?

    Don't over think it. Just sit down and watch "Quigley Down Under".
  14. 300RUM

    ND in Montana - Very Sobering

    That had to be an incredibly hard video for him to make. Watching someone who's been through that tell their story really drives the point home much more than having someone read a list of firearm safety tips.
  15. 300RUM

    Equal Rights

    I was watching a herd of deer this morning. One deer was running around with its head down chasing the others and sniffing them. I was ready to grab my pack and rifle. But wait, let's get out the spotting scope first. What do we have here, a dominate lesbian doe? Hey, I'm all for equal rights. If she identifies as a buck should I be allowed to tag her?