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S & W .357 Mag 686 Plus 6" - Final Price Drop $600 for Bundle

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Purchased in 2012 from Ruffs in Flagstaff for $779 before tax, as shown on attached receipt. Kept in great condition. Not used a whole lot. There are a few accessories for it that are listed below that will be sold as a package with the gun since I'll have no use for them if gun sells. Asking $600 for everything (Cash Only). Looking to meet at Bass Pro Parking Lot.

Bianchi Holster - Originally $100

Rosewood Grip - Originally $60 - Still have the factory grip which will be included with purchase.

Two speed reloaders - Originally $15 per

Unfortunately, all out of rounds except for those in the speed reloaders.

Click on below .pdf links (1-8) for pictures.









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Thanks hoghntr. Yeah it's pretty sweet. It'd be great for hog hunting ;). Appreciate the interest Randall. I see your in Flagstaff. That'd certainly be a bit of a drive to check a piece out that you may or may not end up purchasing. I'll update my profile so people can see where I'm located more easily. Thanks again guys.

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I have the same pistol with the 4”barrel.  I love the pistol, shoots great.  I just had it out shooting some of the Buffalo Bore 180 grain bullets, good times.  Free bump for ya!

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