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Min draw weight for elk

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The minimum is 30lbs in az, there are some people that can kill an elk with 30lbs and others that have no chance with 80lbs. A bow tuned to the spine of your arrows and sharp broadheads is the key at any poundage... and the nerves to make the shot.


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My wife just shot a bull with a bow in September.    She shot the bull at 40 yards in the ribs.   The arrow penetrated up to the vanes and went through and put a hole on the opposite side.   She was shooting 42#'s with a 26.5" Full Metal Jacket arrow and a cut on contact broadhead.   I was impressed that she got that much penetration.   I think it could be done with less weight but I don't think I would recommend it.   Personally I wouldn't shoot a broadhead at an elk that was an opener.    I also want a smaller diameter hole to go deeper into the animal not a large hole that only goes a few inches.    

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