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FS Savage 110 7 rem mag $350

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It is a gloss blue action, I put the stainless barrel and bolt handle on it. Has a 20 MOA Weaver rail. Boyds Pepper laminate stock, bedded to the action with a nice limbsaver pad. It is really nice to shoot for a magnum, but not heavy at all. The laminate stock is nice. Has a good crisp factory trigger. Could be worked lighter fairly easily, but I won't do that for a gun I am selling. I have headspaced and assembled dozens of Savage and now a couple of Nucleus actions that is replacing this one. 

I put a couple rounds of the ammo through it, and it shot sub MOA. I will throw a scope on it again and take it out again and get pics. will come with one full box of the ammo, and as much brass as I can find for 7mm. I think I have some more, cause I shoot 7mm in my other rifle. 

I don't know the history of the barrel, but it shoots. The rifling in the barrel looks good as far as I can tell, but I don't have a bore scope to look at it.





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If you can wait until Sunday I will take it. I will be  out of town. I sent you my number if you wanna call me. Thanks!

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Thanks folks, looks like the first buyer is taking it tomorrow, if not, I'll go down the list.

Check out my .243 listed as well. I'll make a deal. 

Any interest in a 30-06? I think I have a spare barrel and action and can drop it in an aluminum bedded accustock and make a very accurate shooter.

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