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***SOLD***PSE Evolve 35 2018 65# limbs, black and green

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2018 Pse Evolve black with green dampeners and whiskers.  Bow maxed is 68 lbs and is shooting a 390grn arrow at 295fps. Bare bow with green QAD Hdx drop away rest and a “cool hand Luke string stopper”(much, much better than the factory ones) included. This is a sweet shooting bow, draw cycle is amazing, and holds like a rock.  Sorry for the sideways pics.... ugh.  

No trades, need to sell.  Located in Morenci, Az but will be going to Tucson tomorrow at approx. 10:30am for an hour or two.  Asking $675 with QAD and CHL string stopper, or $625 bare bow only with factory string stopper. 







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I still have it as of now but it’s pending a decision from someone who says they want it.  I’ll let you know as soon as I get an answer from him.  

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1 hour ago, Stickflinger76 said:

I am close to Morenci, and serious about purchase.  Thanks, will continue looking unless I hear back from

Ok if you’re close and serious I’m home now.  I’ll send you a pm with my contact.  Give me a call.  

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