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Kuiu Icon Pro 5200 Pack Adjustment

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I bought a Kuiu 5200 Icon Pro Backpack and it just arrived.  I am not used to such a fancy system.  If anyone on the east side has an Icon system and can help me adjust mine to fit my body, I would appreciate it.  I am just a Kuiu pack newbie and the fitting directions are a bit unclear.  Near the Chandler Fashion Center off the 101 and 202 intersection.  Thanks!  Keith 480-231-4654.


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There should be some YouTube videos on how to get it setup to your liking. First load it up with gear so it’ll be like in the field. Start with the shoulder straps and get them to the right height by using the Velcro attached to the frame. The other thing you’ll need to adjust is the load lifters on the top of the frame. That is personal preference on which one you use. Both the bag and the frame have attachments. I was in the same boat but some messing around with it and a couple  days in the field you should get it dialed to your liking 

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