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Hunting Accessories

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I’m selling a few Hunting Accessories. Taking offers on all items-Free Shipping. Located in North Phoenix if you choose to pick up.


-Used Outdoorsman SLC binocular stud $8 (This came off the older model 15x56 SLC Swarovski binocular, this is not the universal stud)

-New Midland Radios 4 pack with 4 ear phones and 2 rechargeable stands $25. (Were in zip lock bag, some zip lock plastic residue on some radios) 

-New 12 pack of Gold tip Pin Knock HD (blue) $5

-New 24 pack of Red Bohning Blazer Double Lock Nock $5

-New Camo limbsaver Ultra 3412 for split limb bows $10

-Used-Harris Swivel bipod with 4" extensions-the left side works perfectly, but the right side has to be manually pulled down but it does lock into place and functions normally. Then the right leg you would still have to manually push back up to close it. It needs a new spring on the lower portion of the right leg, otherwise the bipod works perfectly. The problem with the right leg happened when installing the extensions and trying to go one hinge higher. You can use this bipod normally and pull down the right side, if you know how to fix the lower spring than it will work as new, or use as parts. I never had a chance to take this bipod out in the field, messed up the right leg the first day I had it putting on extension. Price $20 shipped (bipod is new but needs spring in one leg, or use for parts)

-Used Once-Summit Surround Treestand Seat: Is from a Summit 360 max Treestand. This seat is adjustable for height and should be able to be installed on most summit treestands. Price $30 shipped. These surround seats sell for $109 at Cabelas

--SOLD--New Talon sling swivels- stainless steel (1)-1”, or (2)-1 1/4”.

--SOLD--Used-Swarovski tripod adaptor- needs a new internal spring where it attaches to the binoculars. It still holds the Binos, but not as firmly as it should. Price $15 shipped (needs spring)


If interested in any of the items above please message, text/call 928-699-4160. If you need more pics of any item please let me know and I will send it asap. Free shipping on all items.











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6 hours ago, OSU Cowboy said:

Interested in the Talon Sling Swivels. How much for all three if I pick them up.

3 packs of the talon sling swivels for $15 picked up.

Sold-Swarovski tripod adaptor

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Is bipod still available?

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