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  1. 111

    My Kaibab buck

    Great story, and Awesome Buck!
  2. 111

    43B Ram down

    That's a great Ram, Congrats!
  3. 111

    2019 Raffle buck

    Awesome Bucks!!! Looks like two guide services is the norm per buck now, maybe trail cams on the same water?
  4. 111

    Mullins bull VS A3 bull

    Mullins Bull looks like a 418 Bull, A3's Bull I knew wasn't anywhere near 440" when I saw it posted, I'm thinking maybe 390's...Either way two great bulls!
  5. 111

    6 - 400” bulls - Can it be done?

    Great Bulls, but I really wish the AZGFD would start and end the Auction/Raffle tag hunts in May. Basically giving all of these hunters two season's to harvest a Huge buck or Bull...
  6. 111

    What do you think this bull will score?

    Looks 300-310, a young bull with shorter main beams.
  7. 111

    AZ Black Rattlesnake color change

    I've seen one in 6B and another in 8, both were 3-4' and almost totally black in color.
  8. 111

    Sheep Tag Drawn-24BN

    Awesome, hope there’s a few good rams in there as well!
  9. 111

    Sheep tag, would of never guessed

    Congrats that should be a great hunt!
  10. 111

    Sheep Tag Drawn-24BN

    He went with Colburn and Scott, should be a great hunt!
  11. 111

    Sheep Tag Drawn-24BN

    It looks like he drew a 24B North tag, looking forward to helping on the hunt!
  12. 111

    Sheep Tag Drawn-24BN

    I agree, and that's probably the main reason we have never had a reason to hire a guide. We've always felt that going out and scouting was the most enjoyable part to prepare for any hunt, and if things worked out in your favor your usually successful early on in the hunt. He had always mentioned that if he were to ever hire a guide, it would be for sheep. He's gone his whole life without a guide, and I think the "once in a lifetime" type hunt is the main reason he is choosing to go guided. He is one that won't settle for just any Ram, he is definitely the type of hunter that will look for the largest Ram possible and will hunt the whole month if needed in order to find the right one. Should be interesting, and I honestly hope the hunt does not end quickly as I would like everybody that is part of it to enjoy every extra day it might take to harvest a great Ram!
  13. 111

    Sheep Tag Drawn-24BN

    It looks like the fire is at 120k+ acres and has burnt a lot of the wilderness in 24B South. I'm looking at a map that was updated on 6/27 and it appears a good portion of 24B North did not burn, but things could have changed the last few days.
  14. 111

    Sheep Tag Drawn-24BN

    I appreciate all of the information, after checking the websites of all of the guides mentioned so far they all seem to be very good! Although we know we would likely have a very good hunt and harvest a big ram without a guide, I don't know if I will be able to persuade him to go without on this one. Whatever decision is made we will try to make the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity!
  15. Congrats to all that have been lucky enough to draw a sheep tag! It looks like my dad finally drew with max pts, either 24B North. We have never been guided on a hunt, but are considering one for this hunt! We think Colburn and Scott might be a good choice, but If you have any other suggestions for Guides I would appreciate any information.