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  1. 111

    What does he score???

    Nice buck, 135-140"
  2. 111

    Spitfire Mechanical-100 grains

    Price lowered...$20 per box shipped
  3. 111

    Spitfire Mechanical-100 grains

    TTT, if interested please make an offer!
  4. 111

    Spitfire Mechanical-100 grains

    There's no difference, these Spitfires broadheads can be used for Compound bows, or Crossbows. The Crossbow was added to the package to let Crossbow owners know these heads will remain closed when being fired from a crossbow. The heads will open upon impact the same as any other spitfire sold on the market.
  5. I’m selling 15 brand new 100 grain Spitfire mechanical Broadheads. The 6 outside of the box were on arrows but are brand new. These are $40 +tax a box at Cabelas, save yourself some money and get them here... These Spitfires can be used with Compound Bows, or Crossbows... One box- $24 tyd 2-4 boxes- $23 each tyd All 5 boxes- $22 each tyd...plus 100 grain field pts included -Free Shipping If interested please message or text 928-699-4160. Please make offers, need to sale soon! Thanks!
  6. 111

    Wood Table and Chairs

    I’m selling a wood table and chairs for $60 obo. The whole set is in great condition besides the top of the table has a few small marks. (Shown in pic below). Located in north Phoenix for pick-up only, if interested please text/call 928-699-4160. Thanks
  7. 111

    Climber for sale $60 SOLD

    If it's still for sale I'll take it, I'm located in North Phoenix as well.
  8. 111

    My Kaibab buck

    Great story, and Awesome Buck!
  9. 111

    43B Ram down

    That's a great Ram, Congrats!
  10. 111

    2019 Raffle buck

    Awesome Bucks!!! Looks like two guide services is the norm per buck now, maybe trail cams on the same water?
  11. 111

    Mullins bull VS A3 bull

    Mullins Bull looks like a 418 Bull, A3's Bull I knew wasn't anywhere near 440" when I saw it posted, I'm thinking maybe 390's...Either way two great bulls!