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On 9/5/2019 at 6:36 AM, AZbowhntr said:

The outdoor writer for the Republic was Ned Smith and Reed Peterson.  They also had a little hunting show on local TV.  Ned is still around but Reed passed away a few years ago.  I hunted Mexico a few years ago with Ned and his son.  I loved hearing all the stories.

On reflection, Smith & Peterson did their thing in some form of the Mesa (East Valley) Tribune newspaper. Not sure if it's even still around. The TV show was AZ Outdoors. In their actual working lives, Smith was an Allstate insurance salesman and Peterson was a teacher/football coach at Mesa HS.

A tribute to Ned for his 80th BD this past April.

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I think it’s great that a hunter’s exploits are shared in the paper in a positive light. We should all work to keep hunting mainstream. When I was a kid, people in the Midwest would tie their bucks or does to the top of the trunk of their car to get home from their hunting spot. I remember honking and giving the thumbs up sign. Back there/then the deer opener was practically a holiday. 

Cheers to slow news days that helps get hunting in the papers!

and while I’m at it...

Cheers to the written word actually printed on paper!

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