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California Becomes First State To Ban Fur Trapping

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My favorite sport is strangling rats.  I am glad I can still do that in Qfornia.  

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It is an all out assault on guns and hunting from all fronts in CA.  Everything is becoming a horror story......I hope to leave in the near future, but in the meantime, dont let this happen in your state....fight it all you can.....

Internet orders require an FFL-----but none want the headache.

Cant bring ammo purchased out of state 

Retailers that do carry ammo are charging  "a bit more" than they used to or available on-line-------good for business, bad for keeping shooting sports alive

Ammo purchases require a backround check---like buying a firearm---everytime you purchase

All hunting must be done with non-tox bullets and shot.

Stores hardly carry any non-tox ammo

minimal infractions result in MAJOR penalties...

Anything public land that has any water, elevation, feed or cover has been declared a wilderness or off-limits


Rant over-


Good luck this season



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