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my mother knew of my wanderlust and that after HS graduation i would not be around too much longer.  So in that short period of time she told me she wanted to spend some time with me on my pursuits-camping, hunting, fishing, trapping.  It was hard for her when at about 16yo I stopped bringing bass home for the freezer.  But one night trip to Saguaro when every popper or torpedo was hit-and hit again-as soon as it landed she threw all of her bass back also.  One morning I took her out to run my trapline in Bulldog and we walked up on a trap in the dark with a truly giant bobcat in it.  All I had on me was my knocker stick and I did not want to tangle with it like that.  I went back to the truck for my .22-"keep your eye on it mom".   Years later she was still cursing me for leaving her alone in the dark with that cat.  She slept in the truck bed at Roosevelt and in tents at Big Lake and Lyman and Chevelon.  Breaking camp one afternoon at Big Lake she points-"Over there between those two blue spruce is where your daddy and I made you on the Fourth of July!".  Oh Mom!

LaVonne Marguerite Elbert 1927-1990 RIP


ps i saw mom cry only 4 times.  my graduation, my wedding, dads passing, and the time i walked in her front door in a surprise visit and butchered a 40lb Cortez halibut in her kitchen sink.  she was gone just a few months later.  


Grandmother Bessie couldn't have cared less about the dogs but she always wanted to see the cats.


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