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Gun Room Clean out

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Located in Safford.

Cleaning out stuff around the gun room. 

1.  Savage steel 223 magazines, one stainless and one matte black $35 each

2.  Ruger M77 steel trigger guard. $20 SPF

3. RCBS 223 Win Super Short Mag FL Die Set. $25

4.  RCBS 28 Nosler FL Die Set (only used a couple of times) $40

5.  Lee .308 Winchester FL 3 die Set. $15

6.  Vortex Crossfire 6-24x50 Mill Dot. Been mounted on a .22 its whole life and used very little. $65 SPF

7.  Lee Auto Prime Shell Holder Set. $15

8.  New Houge Ruger P85, P89, P90, P91 Grip. $15

9.  Savage 3 screw triggers for the older flat rear Savage 110 or Stevens 200 rifles. $20 each I have 3. 

10.  New in box Daniel Defense Buttstock. $40

All prices include shipping to AZ. 



Savage 223 Mags.jpg


RCBS 223 SS Mag Die.jpg

RCBS 28 Nosler.jpg

308 Lee Die.jpg


Auto Prime.jpg

Ruger Houge.jpg

Savage 3 screw triggers.jpg

DD Buttstock1.jpg



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Ruger Trigger Guard Sold Pending Funds. 

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