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Mearns' quail season opens Fri. Dec. 6

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Dec. 4, 2019
Mearns' quail season opens Friday 
PHOENIX — The wait is over for hunters eager to get out and stomp around the often steep and rocky terrain of southeastern Arizona in search of Mearns’ quail.
The season begins Friday, Dec. 6, and runs through Feb. 9, 2020. The season for Gambel’s, scaled and California quail has been underway since Oct. 18 and also closes Feb. 9, 2020. 
A valid Arizona hunting or combination license is required for all hunters 10 and older. All youth hunters 10 to 17 can purchase a youth combination license for only $5. Those hunters under 10 must be accompanied by an adult who possesses a valid hunting or combination license. Licenses can be purchased online at azgfd.com/license/, or from license dealers statewide.  
The general bag limit is 15 quail per day in the aggregate, of which no more than eight may be Mearns’ quail. The general possession limit is 45 quail in the aggregate after opening day, of which no more than 15 Gambel’s, scaled or California quail in the aggregate may be taken in any one day. After Friday’s opening of the Mearns’ season, the 45-quail possession limit may include 24 Mearns’ quail, of which no more than eight may be taken in any one day.
For more information, visit www.azgfd.com/hunting/species/smallgame/quail/.
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Cant wait, i will be down next week for 3 days chasing them around!

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