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Misc. Ammo

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Getting rid of ammo I no longer need.  Located in NW valley. 

7.62x39 139 gr. hollow point
hunting ammo.  Non-corrosive, 100 rounds  $60 

.223 Hornady 55 gr V-max Moly. 3-20 count boxes. $35 for all

40 S&W 1 full box UMC 180 gr fmj 50 count
1 box Winchester 165 gr missing 8 rounds
92 rounds total $25 for all 

.44 Magnum various brands and weights. All brass cased except CCI shotshells. 
100 count lead round nosed, 100+ count jacketed hollow point, 50 count jacketed flat nosed, 20 count  CCI shotshells/snake/birdshot, 19 count .44 special semi-wad cutters. 
Approximately 290 total rounds. 
$110 for all. 

If someone wants to take it all, will sell for $200. Also, Possibly willing to trade for 9mm ammo.







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Just now, My Rights As An American said:

Why you gotta be NW valley? 

I know right. I could use that 44 Ammo.

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I’ll take the .40 cal. On inbound 

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