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Mesas to Mountains

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in the late 1990's a well read ranch wife and mother- Jamea Fitzgerald-from Joseph City, AZ put together a little newspaper she called Mesas to Mountains.  she dropped it off at gas stations, bait shops, truck stops and cafes all over northeastern AZ.  she sold advertising from lake powell to alpine to ft. mcdowell.

from grizzly roping in the white mountains to AT & SF history with the stories of Canyon Diablo to fallen peace officers to recipes there is a little of everything.  and i found my stash of them deep in old files and am now wondering what to do with them.  the chance of me scanning them digitally has two chances-slim and none.

i think about six issues is all-would be happy to put them into the mail for someone who shares better than I.


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I would like some as well.

Pm sent.

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