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Heritage Revolver .22lr

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Selling a like new heritage revolver. It is a rough rider with the 6.5” barrel, 6 round .22lr cylinder. Round count is approximately 66, Selling due to lack of use. It has a built in hammer block safety, would make a great trainer for kids. $100 located in East Tucson. 9544F611-E38F-4977-BC0B-48A864ECC7D8.thumb.jpeg.f9dff95afb8a2499bd1a8f504a4f01ce.jpeg377B4988-E67B-45EA-861D-9B2487930B7A.thumb.jpeg.d96f7ba38843a91d5311b7b08a621e62.jpeg

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Just now, drcarr said:

That's too funny you beat me by a couple seconds Scooter…

If you want it, go ahead.  You're closer to it :)

assuming no one beat us to it

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