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I'll go check storage tomorrow and see what I have and what condition. I know I have some in 30-06. My wife thinks I should scale back a little.

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49 minutes ago, Will K said:

Get a new wife. LOL.

No Sir!

I'm sure she is right. One can only shoot so many 30-06's at one time and we only have four kids. So really anything more than six is probably too many and I exceed that easily.

Plus, 270 Winchester rifles are pretty similar, for all intents and purposes, and I have more than sufficient of those as well.

I suggested I might should sell a few and she thought I was correct, but left it to me ultimately. So while she thinks I may have too many, she never complains and leaves it up to me to decide. 

35 years of marriage, she very seldom complains, only said no to me getting a pilot's license when I was much younger and pushed too many things to the limit, very few disagreements, always worked as hard or harder than I do, defends me without hesitation, has very few faults, put in place a very successful plan on how to raise our kids, highly educated (Chemical Engineer with a PE, Certified Quality Engineer, Environmental Engineer), and so much more. I am very fortunate. She truly is one of the smartest people I have ever met, and the most forgiving.

She only ever made one great mistake in her life so far, and that was marrying me, and she still doesn't recognize her error to this day!

You would be lucky to have half of the woman she is.

NO Sir! No new wife!


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Cheers to our women not realizing they could have done better, or putting up with us anyhow.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure he was just joshing you, but good for you coming to her defense as she would you. 
As you know, in life, if your spouse won’t have your back, no one else will. 

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