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31- Day Gun Raffle and Calendar Raffle

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In addition to the calendar raffle that is ongoing, we have tickets for the annual 31-Day Gun Raffle.  Lots of great firearms are available and NWTF in AZ be giving away one every day for 31 days starting November 24th.  We're working on getting chances available on our website, but you can contact us directly to get your chances.  As always, there are 3,000 tickets statewide.  If you purchase multiple tickets and win, your remaining tickets stay in the hopper.  I know three people who have won twice during the drawing.  After the early bird drawing, all of those entries are put in the hopper for the gun raffle.




The Calendar raffle is another great one among the western states.  NWTF is also giving away a gun per week for 52 weeks.  2021 calendars are $50 each and include an annual membership ($35 value). I personally know several folks who have won over the last 3 years we've been doing this.  Our chapter in Flagstaff is working on an incentive bonus drawing, where everyone who buys a calendar from us will get entered into a chance for either a firearm, Canyon Cooler, or optics.  We haven't made that final decision on what, exactly, but there will be a bonus incentive drawing for purchasing a calendar through us.




 Every chapter has incentives to sell, so I'd appreciate you supporting our chapter up here.  If you have my cell, shoot me a text.  Otherwise, PM me and we'll make it all happen.  Help support a great NWTF cause!

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Update on the calendar incentive: If you buy a calendar through our chapter, you will be entered into a separate drawing for a $400 Sportsman's Warehouse gift certificate!

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