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22 Rimfire Ammo All sold!

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 I have 6 bricks of Russia Junior ( 500 ) 22 rimfire ammo bricks for sale. Great for target and practice shooting. 50 round per boxes, 10 boxes per brick for $50.00 in Tucson 

Complete bricks for sale only   ( 4 Bricks are sold leaving 2 )


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This is very accurate ammo. I was told one time it was actually match ammo made in Russia for one of the top match rimfire folks like SSK/Wolf. Not sure how it works in semi autos as it has a very heavy lube on the bullets. I only have 2 50rd boxes left out of the case I bought back in the early nineties for $5.00 a brick from a gun store that was going out of business. Wish I had bought all of it but wasn't sure if it was any good coming from Russia, my mistake.

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