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  1. wildwoody

    Bears and missed shots/spooked

    There a wild animal they do what they want, I would think he's gone
  2. wildwoody

    Kaibab Elk

    About 8 yrs back every deer hunter could buy an elk permit and buffalo permit for $125.00 ea.
  3. wildwoody

    Kaibab Elk

    There's a real small heard.
  4. wildwoody

    Any quail reports?

    Had a big coveys fly over me today working in tonto basin.
  5. wildwoody

    Opinions on Husqvarna Rancher 450

    Get a 28" bar there a wood cutting machine..
  6. wildwoody

    Son’s first elk

    That's great nice cow, congrats to the posse.
  7. wildwoody

    Ocotillo as cover?

    They love them and getting under the larger oaks.
  8. wildwoody

    Day 13 Bull...EDIT with pic of Euro almost done

    Sweet looking bull.
  9. wildwoody

    First buck

    Great buck, congratulations to you all.
  10. wildwoody

    New Mexico 2 Archery and 1 muzzleloader

    Yup that's a good one..
  11. wildwoody

    Chases first Elk

    Splended, just awesome , love this stuff
  12. wildwoody

    WTB: ZEISS Scope

    I have 3 and love them, good luck
  13. wildwoody

    Wyoming Adventure

    Awesome buddy, was wondering how you did. Sweet buck
  14. wildwoody

    Wife's First Elk Hunt

    Awesome bull, congrats