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  1. Edge

    Where to get into my PMs?

    Can't see it if it's there New skin is so dark I can only make out a magnifying glass icon and the three horizontal lines and newspaper thingy on my phone. Shooter Mayavin if you read this contact me via text, I'm in Tucson but can't get into PMs
  2. Edge

    Where to get into my PMs?

    I need into my PMs asap!
  3. yeah I just said that
  4. What, does it say that? LolA quarter mile. Are the reg authors trying to find humor? And if so, is 440 yards with a bow, ethical? LMAO
  5. Edge

    Turquoise jewelry or mineral

    Minerals? pyrite and flourite crystals Chalcedony Quartz crystal septar Petrified wood Aragonite crystal Native AZ placer gold Lots more finds available to tickle her fancy. All with known provenance. Gimme a call thanks
  6. Edge

    Turquoise jewelry or mineral

    You can tell the epoxied turquoise by heating a needle with a lighter. A hot needle will penetrate epoxy. A lot of low grade or imitation NA jewelry contains nickle which is much cheaper than silver. I keep an acid testing kit for dealing with precious metals ID.
  7. Edge

    Spot Messenger yr price / competitor??

    Hey buddy. I don't have one but looking into this. Pretty good terms too on Satellite service. https://gearjunkie.com/bivy-stick-satellite-messenger
  8. Edge

    Trail cams for jobsite security.

    We lease pasture in Wadell and someone was stealing hay. The individual that lives out there and runs a barn was running around accusing us leasees of theft. I set up cameras only to find out it was the barn ho whom was accusing everyone else doing the thievery.
  9. Edge

    Who remembers 49 years ago tonight?

    Lunar outtake for conspiracy creeps... https://www.facebook.com/100000422444367/posts/2026969650660430/
  10. Edge

    Popcorn thread

    A certain party/parties did their best to torpedo the thread with their language and banter. They should be banned rather than have the ability to lock any threads they find undesirable.
  11. Edge

    Mountain Goat on Kaibab

    Not easy to tell the Nannys from the Billys. Wiki says they're solitary animals but I've seen them from Banff to central CO and they were always in groups.
  12. Edge

    Mountain Goat on Kaibab

    I had no idea they were transplants. I've also seen them at 9700' at La Jara Reservoir. A herd crossed the busy hiway there and several goats were nearly hit by lapsidazical drivers.
  13. Edge

    Mountain Goat on Kaibab

    Well the Kaibab is 4 hrs from Crown King so guess I wont be surprised the next time I see a buffalo wander through there. Then it's your lucky day, get a hotel room, push the lucky envelope.
  14. Edge

    Mountain Goat on Kaibab

    I said ne. La Sal
  15. Edge

    Mountain Goat on Kaibab

    I've seen mountain goat herds 4 hours ne of there so I'm not surprised.