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  1. Jazz

    Propane Heaters

    I'll take it apart one more time. I thought I covered the bases, maybe not. Maybe there's a youtube or something.
  2. Jazz

    Propane Heaters

    I have a Big Heater Buddy. Used to love it, but it got REAL finicky. I thought of adding a propane filter when it started acting up. Then it wouldn't even work. I'm done with this thing. I've spent more than a few nights colder than I had to be. What's a good one? I'll be using it as a backup in an Alaknak if I have to. I use the low O2 sensors with them as well.
  3. Jazz

    Jazz's Garage Sale

    Go karts are awesome! No story behind the backpack, but I was thinking when I get a Kifaru I can use it as a toddler carry and do some training at the same time. Go kart dropped to $450. Ill throw it in craigs next week.
  4. Jazz

    Winchester 94 in 30-30

    Sweet rifle
  5. Jazz

    Jazz's Garage Sale

    Also known as the Polaris Ranger fund! Ok. Have a few items going. First - the go kart. - $500 It's a Yerf Dog- No idea the year. Small rip in the seat, the engine was replaced when I bought it - ( a few years ago). Less than a 100 hours on the engine I think.The previous owner put on ATV tires. They're still in good shape. It's set for torque- not speed. I think the top speed is about 15 mph. This isn't a rock crawler- it's a put-put for a few kids. Although it will take me around the neighborhood. (I'm 240). The kids grew out of it and Bear isn't nearly big enough for this for a few years. The pair of Hella 500 lights come with it- fully functional. I can hook up a battery to validate but the battery won't come with it. I can send video of it zooming around if you'd like. Next up: Bone Collector Game Whisper. .177 Pellet gun. - $100 Middle son upgraded and doesn't need it anymore. Deuter Kid Comfort 3- Baby backpack. - $200 Details here: http://www.deuter.co...black-grey.html Fantastic kid backpack. It's used but in great condition. Don't try to use this as a meat hauler.. Also have a Portable Baby Crib Guave Lotus Travel Crib (with deluxe sheet/mattress, which was purchased separately) $150. The crib folds up and into a backpack case. Very cool. I think we actually used this only once. Very clean Details here: https://www.guavafamily.com/pages/travel-crib
  6. Jazz

    7w- First scout

    Antelope crawl under Hilarious to watch too. They all bunch up and go under the same spot one at a time. I've seen that a couple times in 19a. Funny critters. I bet! Thanks for the answers.
  7. Jazz

    7w- First scout

    Also.. while I'm here.. I noticed some of those white tubes were over the wire in some places. I call it Fat Elk crossing. But they were on the bottom wire. I'm assuming something is crawling under. I'm not sure what it is.. most critters jump the fence?
  8. Jazz

    Where to retire?

    Moyie Springs, ID. If I can. In Arizona, it would be somewhere just Northwest of Flag.
  9. Jazz

    7w- First scout

    Yup Nailed it.
  10. Jazz

    7w- First scout

    First, some of you with cameras up in 7W on those Trick Tanks are going to laugh when you see all the moves we did when we checked them out. And there's a bunch. One tank had 3 cam's stacked on top of each other. I told the boys we didn't even need to look for sign anymore- just count the cameras. more cameras = a better spot =) The tricks definitely seemed to pull more talent than the open tanks. We hit about 12-15 water holes yesterday, and spent most of the day starting at the north entrance to Red Mountain. Those road stop abruptly. Some had signs up saying "Stay on numbered roads" next to a "Road Closed sign" and the gate was padlocked. (I got a pic of that). Quite the contradiction. Also, we found elk- but nothing like I'd want to see before a hunt. Maybe we're looking in the wrong spots- I dunno. We're going back twice more before the mid youth cow hunt in October. I'm glad the roads didn't suck. A stock F250 did fine. I'm taking the Yukon though next trip- better suspension. Oh, and 7E is on fire. Not sure if it's planned, but there was some THICK smoke on the way out yesterday afternoon. We might try coming up from Williams next trip. I don't think we found a decent area yet.
  11. Jazz

    What the heck..

    Ive seen some weird stuff. Hiking, at night. Stuff in the sky. I got nothing. And Id think the moose would know if something got that close. http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2018/08/03/weird-monster-captured-on-film-stalking-moose-in-canadian-wilderness.html
  12. Jazz

    Coyote problem

    Wife wants the pelts.. I'll take a long walk and hopefully put up some pics tomorrow.
  13. Jazz

    SOLD-Ladder Stand

    I got a buddy interested- can you PM me your number and I"ll have him call ya?
  14. Jazz

    Coyote problem

    I thought of that, but too many good critters around...