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  1. matt

    Pistols for Sale

    Those Luger’s are getting harder to find. Looks nice!
  2. matt

    Med outdoorsmans tripod

    Did you search for it on here? One was listed about a month ago on here for a great price.
  3. matt

    A few items FS

    Pm sent.
  4. matt

    Swarovski EL Range 10x42 Sold Delete

    I’ll go next. Lol.
  5. matt

    WTB youth left handed compound bow

    Arizona archery club has a brand new Hoyt for $200. Its a youth lefty. May want to take a look at it.
  6. matt

    AR-10 for Bow set up

    Do you have any other guns to trade? I have a Mathews chill -r that’s two years old and would be willing to trade for a 6.5cm or something. I already have an AR10 though.
  7. matt

    ISO AR 500 steel

    Metal pro inc had sheets. 602-329-3630. Jim.
  8. matt

    Mathews Chill-R bow

    Bare bow. 70# 28” draw. Everything is in good condition. Typical scuffs on sides of limbs from setting down and leaning against things. Great shooting bow and known to be one of the best bows ever made. $450. Located at 101 and thunderbird. 602-989-0670. May trade only for .308 or 6.5 rifle. Cash is king.
  9. Looking for a used triax or evolve in good condition. What do you have and how much? 602-989-0670
  10. matt

    14' Utility Trailer (SOLD!)

    Is the inside exactly 5’ wide? My buddy is looking for a trailer but needs like 5’2”.
  11. matt

    WTS Like New Badlands Diablo

    One of the best day packs made.
  12. matt

    WTB 14ft utility trailer

    The tractor supply has the cheapest trailers in town down there. It’s almost just as cheap to buy new right now.
  13. Contact me with pics and price. 602-989-0670