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  1. rossiranch

    Where am I?

    I used to love fishing that area as a kid. There and the canals around the desert rose when my folks would go in for a cold one ha ha
  2. rossiranch

    Rocky Point Fishing Trip and Photos

    I grew up in Ajo, I dont go down as often anymore but fishing down there was always a blast! Bringing back a lot of memories!
  3. rossiranch

    November in 6A

    I have the same hunt. I see does and fawns every time I go. Last trip was this past weekend. Im either missing them or the bucks are hiding better than I am seeking. I did find a nice shed though!
  4. rossiranch

    6a Help

    I just came back from a quick overnight trip in 6a. I Went a few canyons up from a canyon that I've seen coues in before and got skunked! Not a single deer! Hiked a good amount too and couldn't even find any sign. Everything seemed perfect...but idk. I have the 2nd hunt. I'll be heading back again next weekend
  5. rossiranch

    Who's ready.

    Great buck! Love that mount too!!
  6. rossiranch

    6a input?

    Everything looked super green man. I went the day after a good storm too so everything was wet...and humid lol
  7. rossiranch

    6a input?

    Right on presmyk good luck to you both as well. I did my first scouting trip last sat, and despite battling the terrible humidity I mangaged to glass up 7-8 coues that morning with 1-2 being small bucks. They were pretty far off and even in my 15s it was hard to tell. Can't wait to get back again soon though!
  8. rossiranch

    6a input?

    Well, I'm very happy to say I'll be in 6a this November! Coues better watch out! I'm very excited and glad I'm in Prescott so I can get in lots of weekend scouting trips in to learn the area.
  9. rossiranch

    Dead head

    I'd take that over some sheds any day!!
  10. rossiranch

    6a input?

    Ok sounds like I was on the right track. I mean October anywhere in 6a has to be better weather than the desert units im used to! Thanks fellas I think I've made up my mind
  11. rossiranch

    6a input?

    Yotebuster there are 3 hunts. Late October, mid November, then the rut hut in December. I was just curious about the first two.
  12. rossiranch

    6a input?

    Haha thanks for the tip? I was just curious if one hunt was particularly favored over the other for any reason.
  13. rossiranch

    6a input?

    Hey guys, I'm pretty sure I want to try and get drawn for 6a coues this year. Any thoughts on either the first or second? I would assume first would be better but draw odds seem to say the second is more popular...Any major differences between the 2? Thanks in advance! Matt
  14. rossiranch

    2016 Sheep reports

    Hook me up bro! I'm mainly curious about down home. I only saw a pic of one ram taken this year. Have you seen both?
  15. rossiranch

    North Rim Turkeys

    Thanks redneck-limo I'll send you a pm!