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  1. rossiranch

    The 46A/46B Hunt

    All crickets haha I've only seen one pic and it was nice!
  2. rossiranch

    2020 Spring Results are up

    I drew tag #3 for the first turkey hunt in unit 5!
  3. rossiranch

    1.4 Million acres opening up to hunting and fishing

    I used to work for them when I was in high school and I used to always hear talk about them maybe one day having a very limited number of tags for archery/muzzy deer....but nothing yet I guess
  4. rossiranch

    Sonoran Antelope Question

  5. rossiranch

    Sonoran Antelope Question

    I’m from Ajo and worked with the biologists in the pronghorn pens while I’m high school. Saw this nice buck down there last weekend!
  6. rossiranch

    Desert Muzzy Hunt

    Went out with him on Friday. It was an exceptionally slow day. Only turned up 3 does and one small 3x3 was with them. Going out again in a day or two!
  7. rossiranch

    Desert Muzzy Hunt

    My buddy has this tag. Just curious if anyone else here has it this year and if so how’s it been going so far? We haven’t seen any good bucks yet, but we know it usually picks up around X-Mas. Anyways, happy hunting!
  8. rossiranch

    My Desert Sheep Hunt

    Right on man congrats! Hey is it me or does that ewe in the first pic have a radio collar on her?
  9. rossiranch

    Looks Like a Cold one!

    So much for my backpacking idea...lol
  10. rossiranch

    Late hunt unit 8

    Should make for good movement I’m hoping!
  11. rossiranch

    Late hunt unit 8

    Calling for snow thurs and fri in Williams! I’ll be up there this wed getting ready and backpacking gear in.
  12. rossiranch

    Horny Toads

    We see quite a few at my house here in Prescott every summer. I’ve seen more in this country in the past few years of living here than I ever did down home near the border.
  13. rossiranch

    Late hunt unit 8

    I have this hunt as well. Weather prevailing I’m hoping to do a backpack style hunt in the wilderness area in hopes of avoiding pressure and finding a decent bull. I was wondering how low they’ve gone already though!
  14. rossiranch

    Favorite dead head

  15. rossiranch

    Favorite dead head