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    hunting,fishing, walking the beach and COLD beer!!!!

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  1. azbcat25

    Size XL

    That's what dreams are made of!! Very nice.
  2. azbcat25

    AZ FUR SALE March 9th!!!!

    Lance, you and your crew put on an excellent auction. Well done. Hope to bring some fur next season. Need to try and get Dennis Heck there next year!
  3. azbcat25

    Marsupial Gear Bino Harness (2018)

    I'll give you 80 tmd.
  4. For sale, very good condition. $450 plus the ride! Pics available upon request.
  5. azbcat25

    Cabin Rental in Alpine... Unit 1 and 27

    I might be interested in renting this cabin for a week next summer, is there any stream fishing near by?. What would 1 week run me?
  6. azbcat25

    Lee's Ferry Mid June/Early July

    Thanks for the info Brent.
  7. azbcat25

    Lee's Ferry Mid June/Early July

    Can you take a bass boat on the river?
  8. azbcat25

    Coyote Down

    Google tubari tannery
  9. azbcat25

    My Pops 1st Elk and Archery kill

    I'll shoot that!
  10. azbcat25

    Last minute advice...

    No Boots, hiking sneakers! Too many miles for boots!!!
  11. You better hit up WildWilly! That's an offer nobody should refuse.
  12. azbcat25

    cooler air and rain, any bugles yet?

    I was in 5bs all day Sunday, saw over 100 elk, not 1 herd bull w/ cows. No bugling! Pulled 3 cameras and not one nice bull w/ cows on cameras. Gonna be a great hunt!!!
  13. First post is spot on. A good number of the top bucks will be killed at first light opening morning.95%of those are guided hunters. Lots of decent bucks left and a lot less hunters after opening morning.
  14. azbcat25

    2017: What is your bull goal this year?

    Would love to kill a toad but for some reason I get trigger happy!
  15. azbcat25

    5BS early archery bull tag could be yours

    Me too. Going to pick up cameras this weekend, hope they are not stolen!!