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  1. Delw

    Mountain Lion

    surprised you didn't grab that "Cougars" butt
  2. Delw

    This new forum layout

    You know thats a good question. was it a stand alone cel add-on? it could also be when the forums changed everything to to new format for he new windows and such along with the newer server settings php(the main data servers are upgrading to, due to security and such)) stuff thats when things started going wacky for everyone that had a forum . I know VB when they changed to the news style everything got messed up on the cel side. like azbasszone always ran good on cell as well but the software was 7 years old. when VB did there new format I set up a few boards with it and had nothing but issues on the cel side silly stuff like users are describing here. one I left stock and it worked fine on the cel side. one I played around with colors templates fonts images etc etc and it looked like a garbage dump on the cell side so I changed it back to stock. you'll get it it, just takes time.
  3. Delw

    Unit 7 antelope

    Congrats That pic is awsum. you should whats important in the front you and your son. too many people show the animal front and center and then the people in the back. The hunt with family members and or friends is the best part. Nice goat too looks like a FAT one Congrats
  4. Delw

    Change in the weather for next week

    Daughter was at fort Tuthill out by flag for some ROTC field day they got hammered with snow. she said alot of tents collapsed because of all the snow, hers didnt but got her sleeping bag and even spare sleeping bag wet. said it was a cold night too. Said she still had a blast
  5. Delw

    First Time for Hunter

    Cool. itss fun with kids. next year for spring the gets can get over the counter tags for a bunch of units useing a shotgun or archery. the season is spilt like 10 days then 1 week off then 10 more days maybe longer. unit 8 10 and kaibab are always listed as well as others.
  6. Delw

    This new forum layout

    Amanda everything looks fine on a pc and works fine. (well except my home pc still wont connect so I cant read the forum unless I am at work cox is still f'd up as we discussed) anyway back to the problem peoples are having. I am assuming on phones? the add is huge on a phone and you have to scroll sideway. other than that everything works perfect ie search etc etc. to fix the ad I think you need to convert the ad pictures to a PNG file instead of a jpg or gif. we had this problem on azbasszone many years ago when the resolutions of computer screens changed like every month. there is also a code that you put in the script to make the file use the aspect of the image to consider with the users screen size. Phones were made for Fagbook, they didnt care about old forums. now the forum companies are trying to make them phone usuable. which is a pain due to so many different phones and NO STANDARDS like with a PC. I dont know anythign about this type of forum just V bulletin. but they all appear to be the same. there might even be a fix for the JPG and GIF images as well now. I believe it use's percentages instead of using a certain dedicate picture size like you have in your code. My phone is an I-phone 5s from long ago. I have no clue how to do screen shots or I would post up a few. I am smart phone stupid and want to stay that way. If I do remember anything else on size issue I will let you know
  7. Delw

    Walmart Targets

    Those targets were made for trphyhntr, just in time for this years late archery hunts.
  8. Delw

    Unit 9 Jr. Hunt

    The main road just west of redbutte (across highway and a tad south) By powerlines. hunt that area from the fence of the highway to the grass lands. about the 1st barbwire you come across scrubs and sage. climb hills and glass, then north from the power lines until the tall pines. stay out of the pines and the thick junipers too hard to see and hunt. hit all the small canyons especially if there is any rimrock. they lay below the rocks getting sun in the middle of the day. its a fun hunt she will enjoy it as will you. and theres tons of deer in that area.
  9. Delw

    Hunting Pain Relief?

    Hunting with the kid is hard on my legs feet and knees. I just hit the sack early and live with it. then recuperate when I get home. hasnt gotten to the point were I cant hunt cause of the pain. I ended up getting a cot the last to years and its helped a ton.
  10. Delw

    Coyote Live Trap

    Why not its seems ok to create problems for you. if you dont want them there you have plenty of legal options all in which will have your neighbors panties in a wad including live trapping them. If you dont want them there grow a sack and do something about it legally. trapping shooting. Airguns, supressed weapons archery G&F etc etc
  11. Delw

    Unknown scat

    You guys are just jealous cause I still look good for being over 50.
  12. Delw

    Fossil Hunting

    here ya go.
  13. Delw

    Unknown scat

    Dont say "WE" I knew it was a women. if I would have thought it was a dude I would have told him to get his broom and dustpan from the Kitchen, clean that mess up then go make me a Ham Sandwich. Cant say that to a Women cause they get all butthurt and call you a sexist pig. Plus thats why I posted the pic of the scat with a butterfy on it,
  14. Delw

    Unknown scat

    Thats a constipated oversized human. Animal scat has butterflies on it everybody knows that
  15. Delw

    Fossil Hunting

    That would be cool. I'll snap one tonight of the trilobite with the celphone and upload tomorrow morning when t work. Some odd reason home pc doesnt see this site nor does celphone on wifi. work I have no problem Yup were it flattens out. you can walk the roads and see them on the bigs rocks. they look like what amanda posted. we didnt find any shells just the marking in the sandy type rocks. Daughter I and a friend tried to dig one of the good ones that had many of them in it out. but we soon realized the rock would need a forklift to get out.. if you take the road to bypass jacob lake and goto ferdonia you can get out almost anywhere where the rock hills goto the flats and see them. I forget the road number its one of the major dirt roads heres some pics of the EXACT Spot. thats on the 12bwest boarding 12a just guessing but I think the rocky area was the shore way back then or a depth were the shell creatures lived or dried up. the trilliobite was on top about 6miles south of jacobs lake in the forrest over looking a small canyon. pics also included but you'll have to figure that one out ;)