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  1. AZAV8ER

    Looking for a .243

    MOD 70 Classic, by far the best traditional/classic feel look. I have on in 243 & 270 fthrwt and std wt 270 & 30-06. They all shoot well, 243 and both 270's sub MOA with factory ammo.
  2. AZAV8ER

    Where were you?

    Flying a trip at one of our airlines. Was on a layover in Seattle and woke up and turned on the news just as the second aircraft hit the second tower. I was flying the same model Boeings flying a lot of trips out of BOS and NYC. Called home immediately, they were just watching the news and wondering where I was. Once everything was squared away at home I was totally pissed off, that could have been one of my flights, those could have been my passengers.
  3. Saw this story today. Go to fox13now.com look up under hunting, park city, theft I don't know how to insert link hope someone will.
  4. AZAV8ER

    Was Benedict Arnold a war hero?

    The battle of Saratoga was the lynchpin to our defeating the British. Winning at Saratoga brought the French into the conflict on our side. Without the French fleet there would have been no Victory at Yorktown. The victory at Yorktown brought the British to the negotiating table and eventually independence. Without Benedict Arnold no victory at Saratoga, so he was essential up to that point for an American victory in the war.
  5. AZAV8ER

    Levi Strauss donating to Bloomberg's Anti-gun campaign

    Better Juarez than SriLanka, Bangladesh or China. Just think how much better the economy in Mexico would be if we never started trading with Communist China?
  6. AZAV8ER

    Trigger set

    3lbs, all my rifles at 3lbs keeps muscle memory the same. Silhouette, PRS, NRL competition all shooting done for fun and up my skill for hunting. You could be on stand behind your binocs and have buck step out 75 yards below you, I am not comfortable having to line up from lets say sitting or offhand and deal with to light a trigger.
  7. LOL as apposed to the "cool crew" with 26" premium barreled esoteric custom action with a muzzle break fit for a German 88 chambered in something Nosler or Short Magnum in 7mm or 6.5mm and all cerakoted in a McMillan tactical type adj cheek rest custom painted stock with 20MOA rail and a Nightforce scope that is as spendy as the rest of the rig? Honest and in all sincerity (with just a smidge of sarcasm) nothing wrong with that. Gear heads deserve love to. BTW the popular calibers seem to be between 6.5mm and 308 in a case derived from the 30-06, 308win, 284win in standard or AI configuration or one of the newer short fat MAGS (7REMMAG 300winnyMag aside)
  8. AZAV8ER

    American Hero passes. John Sidney McCain III

    RIP SEN McCain If you get through Navy Flight training and carrier quals and fly combat mission off and Aircraft Carrier then you are a Hero, as are 1000's of other Navy pilots. Also the many Air Force Pilots and Grunts (Marine and Army) and sailors (USN & CG) that saw combat in that era. McCains reputation within the Navy Pilot groupe was so so, his political record average. That he is now up for Sainthood feels to me as partly due to his feud with Trump. Face it Trump can be an Ahole but so was McCain, McCain was smart enough to not show that side of himself in public. The SEN served America for many decades putting himself on the line for his country Lets all Honer that Service
  9. We hike into glassing areas about :45 min in the dark. Some years its a late start to the day and twice have shot bucks off a hillside 500 yards from a busy, not trying to be quiet tent camp with several people in residence. In the afternoons we don't hunt we glass across a small canyon to another hillside that caries lots of deer its 600 or so yards away. Hope that helps.
  10. Looks like maybe try 5 at 40.5 5 at 41 and 5 at 41.5 ??? Like Lance said, looked to like the heavier charge.
  11. Bergara HMR PRO? Mine loved factory HORNADY loads. Shot great with HORND American Gunner 140's better with 140 ELD Match. My Seekins Havak the same way and my son will use the Seekins with 143 ELD-X Precision Hunter at 1/2 MOA. Both rifles shoot same point of impact with American Gunner as other loads, at $15 per 20 rounds. I like reloading but I also like an easy out for a low round count proposition like wife's hunting load.
  12. AZAV8ER

    Sons first deer hunt

    Its been almost 21 years since events posted above. Quin has been out of the Army for couple years and now settled enough to go on our first AZ Coues hunt in 12 years. Here we are at a PRS match getting him checked out on the rifle he will hunt with. Praying I can keep up and hoping he gets a Coues buck to match the Muley buck we took way back when.
  13. AZAV8ER

    Podcasts are ruining hunting areas

    Its a sad day when your spot is flooded by the to lazy to do their own thinking who go to the internet to get spoon fed ideas. If I saw a podcast touting a certain spot I would know enough to stay away.
  14. I was able to pick up a Bergara HMR Pro in 6.5C at Sportsmans Warehouse last month. Have about 160 rounds through it at this point. Just shot a PRS match with HORNADY American Gunner 140gr ammo. Today I sighted in for HORNADY 140gr ELD Match 6.5 C First three shots on cold clean bore went into .5 MOA group. Next two 3 shot groups also 1/2 MOA. Smooth bolt, great trigger and trigger breaks at 2 3/4 to just under 3 LBS.
  15. AZAV8ER

    6.5-06 head stamped brass

    Ahh the beauty the glory of camping and hunting in the Coronado National Forest. Good hunting, no guides to pay, real honest hunting and grilling steaks over mesquite or oak coals. Relaxed enjoyable and no border federales.