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  1. bojangles

    First buck

    We are scraping our pennies together.🦌😀
  2. bojangles

    First buck

    I’ve noticed quite a few bucks from the youth hunt in velvet, particularly he muleys.
  3. bojangles

    Hunting season in Michigan

    Lol, no respectable Michigander would ever stop putting out corn.
  4. bojangles

    First buck

    I was out mountain biking 6 or 8 weeks ago, and decided to walk a rocky, technical section. A rock gave way under foot, and i crashed into a washed out section of the trail, landing my knee squarely on a sharp rock. I knew it was going to be bad. I called my doctor a couple days later, and he said, don't bother coming in, there's nothing i can do, you broke your knee cap, and it's just going to hurt for 3 weeks. (he was leaving for his elk hunt...lol) But he was right, i limped for 3 straight weeks. So, it was no scouting for me. No worries, i thought, we will just sit water for my son's youth hunt. Hahaha. Record breaking rains, you can't make this up. Deer don't have to walk 10 yards to find water right now. As the hunt approached, i was able to finally get out and hike. Opening morning i went to my favorite deer spot, planning on hunting muleys for the opener, and whitetails mid week if need be. I glassed all morning, only able to turn up 3 does. My son got discouraged, and cold. We came back to camp, grilled brats, and slept for an hour, before heading out to a completely different spot. There were fresh tire tracks going in on the road, and we glassed till dark, and saw nothing. Looking at the forecast for saturday, i almost bailed on the hunt. wunderground said it would start raining at 6 am, but the radar showed the storm still in the San Diego area. I gambled the storm wouldn't reach us till mid day, and elected to spend the night in camp so we could hunt the morning. There was a knob about a mile away from where i was opening morning that i decided i wanted to glass from, but i didn't think i knew how to get there in the dark, so we drove off at the first glimpse of light. When i got to the hill where i wanted to be, we hiked up, and i realized i was on the wrong hill. But the sun was rising, and i didn't want to move, so i thought i'd just glass from the hill we were on. It looked like a decent area, but not quite as high as i wanted to be. About a half an hour in, my son said he saw a coyote, from the direction we heard them yipping. I spun the glasses that way, and saw nothing, but my curiosity was drawn back to that spot a couple of minutes later. I panned my bino's back over there, and saw the coyote, ears pinned back, loping along like he just gambled away his last dollar. I looked higher up the hill to see what jumped him, and there were 3 nice velvet muleys, who apparently had just gotten the better of him. I sent a quick text to my wife, saying, say some quick prayers, cause we are on a buck, and i don't think we have a chance, but we gotta go. I didn't even have time to check them out, as they crested the hill immediately, obviously tired of the coyotes antics. There was nothing we could do but go in blind, not knowing where they would be when we got to the hill top. It was 574 yards to the place where we'd last seen them, but i was trying to keep things under 250 yards. So we started walking over. As we approached the hill, i slowed down, and would walk a few yards at a time, and take long breaks between sessions. Just as we were coming to the top of the hill, i heard the thump, thump, thump of fleeing mule deer. There was nothing we could do, but peek over the hilltop. I got down on all fours, and looked over. I saw 3 bucks staring at us on the top of the next hill, probably 100 yards away. I got behind a prickly pear and got the old tang saftey M77 ready to roar. I told my son to shoot through a gap in the cactus so we could avoid exposure. He got things lined up on one of the bucks, and let the braked '06 fly. After the loud bang, the bucks were still there, trying to figure out what was behind the cactus. I told my son his missed, (could have hit the cactus and thrown the bullet off right out of the barrel) I had him crawl to the side of the cactus, and shoot around it. The Hornady American Whitetail found it's mark. On the second shot, one of the bucks went down, with a spine shot. The buck dove down the hill into a bush and hid. It actually took us a while to find him, even though he was only 50 yards or so from us at that point. Once we located him, my son put one more into him that finished the job quickly. Some other hunters helped us get the meat out of the wash, and we headed out just as it decided to pour. I tell you what, there's nothing more exciting that seeing your kids get a nice animal.
  5. bojangles

    First buck

    My kid got his first buck. Story to follow.
  6. bojangles

    Grizzly hunt cancelled

    Federal over reach
  7. bojangles

    Best AZ cartridge for AZ

    Let’s not go dove hunting together. Lol.
  8. bojangles

    Favorite boots

    was hoping to get some good reviews on different boots like white's, nick's, danners, crispi, kennetrek, vasque, etc. both for daily wear and hunting. Right now i hunt in some old Danner Pronghorns, but won't be buying the new pair, as it looks like the quality has fallen off. I'll be shopping for my next pair soon.
  9. bojangles

    Crazy article about Jason Hairston and possible CTE

    interesting, definitely gives food for thought.
  10. bojangles

    Favorite boots

    yeah, just looking at the 608, it doesn't look like a good candidate for a re-sole. i agree to just buy new if i wore that boot.
  11. bojangles

    Favorite boots

    What’s your favorite pair of boots and why? These are my redwing iron rangers. I love the versatility. I've worn them cutting firewood, packing elk, business meetings, church, and sales presentations. They are looking a little rough these days, but regular saddle soap and oil keeps them going. Handmade in the USA. A few cons, they have a cork dress sole, so they aren't that comfortable for the long haul. I had to put cushion insoles in them for comfort. The dress outsole is great for working in customers homes, they don't track mud or rocks. But when i get them re-soled, i will go with a softer gum sole for more traction and comfort. Nothing relieves stress like a stout cup of coffee and a can of boot oil, and a good boot cleaning session.
  12. bojangles

    How do you nuke an old salt lick?

    What is wrong with you people, so you think it’s ok to steal other people’s property.....
  13. bojangles

    hunting map apps, gps

    cool. thanks.
  14. bojangles

    hunting map apps, gps

    So, if I use onx , I can download the maps and use them if I have no signal?
  15. bojangles

    hunting map apps, gps

    Are any of you guys using hunt map apps on your phone to replace the gps? Does it work when you don't have signal? I'm looking for something that is iphone compatible, that would save having to carry a gps, since i usually have my phone with me anyways.