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  1. IA Born

    Barnes 270 WSSM Ammo: SOLD

    Ammo is sold. Thanks, everyone!
  2. IA Born

    Barnes 270 WSSM Ammo: SOLD

    I hate you!🤣 You know I dont own a .270!
  3. IA Born

    Filling RV Water in Flagstaff?

    A couple of the RV places may let you. Check out Kit Carson and Woody Mountain RV parks on the west side of town.
  4. IA Born

    Barnes 270 WSSM Ammo: SOLD

    Ammo is SPF, but I'll let you know if it falls through.
  5. IA Born

    Ladder treestand on a saguaro??

    I was looking info up for work and remembered these links to the AZ Native Plant Law information, which reminded me of this thread: General info: https://agriculture.az.gov/plantsproduce/native-plants Actual protected categories (starts on page 44 of the document). Saguaros have the top-level of protection: https://agriculture.az.gov/sites/default/files/Native Plant Rules - AZ Dept of Ag.pdf
  6. IA Born

    Chinook Salmon

    I caught one 35-40lb chinook in Alaska in 2003. That was fun. Can't imagine your way. Congrats! Technically, I didn't catch it since it broke the line right at the boat...
  7. IA Born

    Barnes 270 WSSM Ammo: SOLD

    A friend of mine accidentally grabbed two boxes of 270WSM ammo for his wife's elk hunt instead of the 270Win he needed. He can't return them, so he asked me to help him unload them at a fair enough price. His words: "I screwed up, so I might as well make someone a great deal." Two unopened boxes of Barnes VOR-TX 270 WSM 140gr TSX BT for sale. He paid $43/box and asked me to sell them both for $50. His loss is your gain! Up in Flagstaff. Prefer not to ship, but can make it work. My wife and daughter will be near McDowell Mt Park this weekend (19-21) for a mountain bike race and we'll all be near the White Tanks in two weeks (Nov 2-4) for her last mountain bike race of the season. Can meet face to face on either of those trips, if I can talk my wife into helping this weekend.
  8. IA Born

    Hunter's First

    What a great read and story! I've been following Hunter's trials off and on and he (both of you) earned every bit of that deer. Congrats. And, I would be remiss to not say thank you for "He helped get it gutted back at camp (since we were using lead ammo)". As both a hunter and a biologist who works with condors, I can't thank you enough for taking the time and contributing to the recovery of these beautiful birds. The lesson you taught Hunter is amazing!
  9. IA Born

    Women's Tenzing Pack

    After this year's deer hunt, my daughter decided she really doesn't like the way her pack fits her. Its a Tenzing TZ 1215 women's pack (discontinued) and it its in great shape. Its only been in the field a handful of times, has never been loaded heavy, and never had blood on it. It comes with built-in rain cover and fits a 3-liter bladder. We have to sell this one to finance getting her one she likes. It may be a "women's pack", but there is no pink/light blue, so it would work on any youth. $80 OBO. Willing to ship, but buyer pays shipping. Just downloaded a pic, but can get an actual pic later tonight.
  10. IA Born

    Daughter's First Elk

    Congratulations, Jack and Gabbi. Its been fun following her journey and she sure is tough as nails!
  11. IA Born

    San Juan With My Son

    My son and I took off this past weekend for a father-son fly fishing trip to the San Juan while my wife and daughter were on a girls trip. I haven't been to the San Juan in 11 years and its always been bugging me to go back, especially to get my family really into fly fishing. We've all fly fished a couple of small streams here in AZ and Jacob has landed a YOY rainbow w/par marks, but that's it. We got to Abe's about 1pm Friday afternoon, got checked in, license purchased, and some local fly patterns. I was nervous about Jacob wading since he's the skinny kid who has to dance around in the shower to get wet, but he did great. I had a life jacket for him to wear, but the guys at Abe's put us in a spot where he wouldn't need it. When we got there, I asked a guy if we could squeeze in downstream or if he'd prefer we go somewhere else and he graciously offered Jacob his spot. Its nice to see (especially for Jacob) that kind-hearted people are still out there. We started off close together with him upriver of me and me not fishing until I knew he was ok wading, getting his casting game on, and knowing what to look for when a trout takes his fly. He was amazed at all the big trout swimming within a foot of him and he fell into a groove. After an hour or so, the river started clearing, so we moved up to the next good looking spot. I re-rigged his set up, removing the weights so the emergers acted like true emergers and, after 20 about 20 minutes, I hear "I got one!" I coached Jacob on how to use the rod and we were able to net his first real trout on a fly rod. It was a fat 15" bow and I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was completely addicted to flyfishing. That was the only fish of the day, but we stayed for the hatch. Jacob said "How about we stay for 30 more minutes." when the hatch started. Three takes and three misses later, an hour had gone by and we finally worked our way back to the truck. He made it clear that he LOVED dry fly fishing! As we were walking back, I turned around to snap a sunset pic, and I saw a 10-year old boy walking with the swagger of a seasoned fly fisherman. Jacob's first real trout: 15" fat bow Kid with swagger (can't get it oriented right) We got up early Saturday morning, had breakfast, and were on the river by 8:25. It didn't take long for Jacob to hook into another bow, then another, and then he had some real fun. He hooked a 15" fat brown and figured out why I've always said I'll take a 15" brown over an 18"-20" bow any time. I managed to finally get on the board with a smaller bow, but I was finally on the board and giving Jacob some competition. We took a quick lunch break and short nap back at the truck and then decided it was time to get back to our spot, hoping someone hadn't come in. During our lunch break, I reemphasized his casting technique to work on because I spent a big part of the morning undoing wind knots and/or changing leaders because the knots were so bad. That worked and his casting came back solid. I noticed several fish rolling subsurface, so I took my weights off and, after missing a few takes, I ended up landing a 15" fatty bow, too. Jacob and I both played that game off and on, after I set him up with the same flies I was using and removing his weights. We stayed until the hatch went off and I managed to land two bows on my brand new TFO 4wt. Jacob missed a couple of more takes, but is definitely loving this new addiction. He asked me several times on the drive home when we're coming back to the San Juan. Yesterday, we finally set up or fly-tying bench and organized our kits. He was off school for a fall break day and he ended up tying four flies, following the instruction book. His elk hair caddis (#12) needs work but its a great start. His beetle, wooly bugger, and nymph were all pretty solid. He's loving this whole fly fishing thing and I'm loving having a fly fishing buddy! 15" brown Lunch Break My 15" bow Jacob's fly tying
  12. IA Born

    My Little Princess's First Kill

    When that time comes, I and my highly trained GSDs will be there with you to make sure all is handled accordingly so that future guy knows what's at stake!
  13. IA Born

    My Little Princess's First Kill

    Congrats to your daughter and I saw what Draysen did on IG, too. Way cool! And, while we're at it, lets all take a moment and give thanks that your daughter looks like her mom! 😁
  14. IA Born

    Scope and Rangefinder FS