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  1. forepaw

    Leupold Alumina Covers?

    To me the main benefit is they keep you from having to constantly clean the lenses. This is what speeds up deterioration of the delicate coating. I brush mine with a lens pen about every other use, but only clean them maybe once a year. forepaw
  2. forepaw

    Leupold Alumina Covers?

    I have sets on 2 scopes. They are pricey but offer positive lens protection. They are machined to pretty close tolerances, the neoprene (?) O-rings seal, and they seem durable. forepaw
  3. forepaw

    Tikka T3 30-06. $625

    What aftermarket stock is that? Looks like a nice outfit. forepaw
  4. forepaw

    30-06 load

    53 grains of IMR 4320 and any good flat - base 150 gr. bullet (I don't think Barnes makes anything but boattails, but they are good). Try to stay within 0.025" of the lands. Sort brass, clean up primer pockets and flash holes. Don't over trim. Remington 9 1/2 primers have a good reputation for accuracy. forepaw
  5. forepaw

    Where am I

    What range would that be. Doesn't look like the Gallatin or the Bridgers. Maybe the Crazy Mtns. which are quite a ways E. of Bozeman? forepaw
  6. forepaw

    Watch Guys Step Inside

    You graduated in 1970? Me too. What school? forepaw
  7. forepaw

    7mm Mag Tikka t3 Load Data?

    The OP reports quite a bit of jump with Bergers loaded to mag. length. Possibly, he could try single loading the first round, seated out far enough to get better accuracy, then have the mag. (and a couple spares!) loaded with 168s set to mag. length, or 140 gr. seated out for minimal jump. Has anyone ever tried that? It does complicate things somewhat. With a light rifle like the T3, 450 yds. is still a respectable distance from a field position. First round hits are always best, as that light skinny barrel is going to heat up fast. Beyond that distance, it would be most helpful to have an eagle-eyed spotter, calm nerves, and a rock-solid rest. Oh, and swap out the trigger spring for one of the after market kits. The 1 1/2 - 2 lb. reduction in weight is helpful. forepaw
  8. forepaw

    15BW Sheep

    That is a beautiful ram - museum quality mount. 8 y.o.? forepaw
  9. Well, depends. What do you plan to do with it? How is the bore? If you want to get it shooting as well as possible for an all around hunting rifle (one option), you could get the action smoothed up, trigger job, crown the muzzle, put on some Warne or Talley rings and bases, get a better scope, and drop it into a McMillan lightweight stock. Those are pricey however, and you may want to look at something else. If you shorten the barrel, it would become lighter and handier, but you would have more noise, more muzzle blast, maybe a little more recoil, and a slight drop in velocity. What would happen to accuracy is unknown. You could shave some wood off the existing stock, glass bed and free float, put a metal rod in the forend to make it more rigid, put on a Limbsaver pad, and a bipod, but otherwise use as is. You could buy a laminated wood or semi-inletted stock, maybe of very nice wood, and put in some time fitting and filing and sanding, and have a nice DIY custom stock. Or, you could sell and use the money for the set up you are trying to get to. Hope that helps. forepaw
  10. Friend, that is a righteous post-'64 M 70 - push feed. Nice gun, nothing wrong with keeping it as a shooter - looks like it is set up right, w Leupold and either Leupold or Redfield rings, but may have the wrong base. There are better choices to obtain an action for a custom build, in my opinion, but others may advise differently. If the bore is in good shape, I would just enjoy shooting it, and hunting with it. If you want to tinker, consider swapping the base for a two-piece, and possibly extension front ring, which will allow you to get a bite on both rear mounting holes. forepaw
  11. forepaw

    Bill Quimby

    When I was living in Tucson, I looked forward to reading Bill's outdoor column with eager anticipation. He had the knack (no doubt developed through a lot of hard work and self-discipline) of writing like he knew you personally, and writing like it was an everyday conversation. He also knew, and wrote about, the Arizona that used to be - the same one Jack O'Connor was writing about when he referred to Tucson as " . . .a beautiful, interesting small city of 50,000 people. . ." This is a sad day for Arizona and the outdoor community, and I know one of personal sadness for those of us on the CWT.com Forum. Another legend of the outdoor writing world, Pat McManus passed in April. He was also a gifted and talented writer who contributed enormously not only to hunting, fishing and other outdoor pursuits, but who knew how to make people laugh, and enjoyed doing it. I never met either man, but am grateful for having been able to read their work, and benefit from their positive influence, and the knowledge and values they shared. forepaw
  12. This post is exactly right. I only own 1 Athens, a 2013 Accomplice 34" and it is a smooth, quiet, accurate, forgiving bow. It is so smooth and easy to shoot I call it my girl bow. I sent it back to the factory when I let a guy work on it who didn't know what he was doing, and they set it up and retuned to factory specs. no charge. The company is a small Midwestern company, very easy to deal with, and customer-service oriented. They don't spend a fortune on advertising and promo hype like the big 3 or 4 (not that the big companies don't make good bows) so they are not as well known. But they also are able to offer new bows at very competitive prices, since they don't have all the marketing costs. There is supposedly a factory rep. in Wickenburg, Desert Ghost or something, but I have never visited their shop. forepaw
  13. forepaw

    Timber Mesa Queen Creek Closed

    10-4, Stapley and Baseline. Thanks for the correction. I will check it out on my next trip. forepaw
  14. forepaw

    Timber Mesa Queen Creek Closed

    I guess the Chandler Blvd. shop is gone permanently? I sure enjoyed it, spent many hours on the 30 yd. range over the years. I remember some helpful and talented bow tuners and shooters worked there. forepaw
  15. forepaw

    2000 Silverado 1500 4x4

    Bump and lowered price. Willing to meet in Kingman if you would like to take it for a test drive. By the way, this was NOT the model year that had problems with the instrument cluster. forepaw