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  1. Swivelhead

    Back to Back Bulls

    Nice bull, good job on the stalk. Hope you heal quickly.
  2. Swivelhead

    2A,2B,2C Hunt

    Never met the man, wished I had. Darn shame he did not write a book.
  3. Swivelhead

    2A,2B,2C Hunt

    IIRC, Lamell Ellsworth was legendary in the units you are hunting. He was a tracker.
  4. Swivelhead

    The First of Many

    Beast! In my whole life I've never seen a coues buck like that. Congrats.
  5. Swivelhead

    Where were you?

    In a meeting with co-workers, somebody got a text from a news organization stating a plane had crashed into the WTC. Did not think much about it figuring some incompetent dolt crashed his Cessna 150 into a building. Solemn day. Later that night in my backyard, watching USAF aircraft flying grids over Phoenix was a sobering moment.
  6. Swivelhead

    Camera & stand thieves facing charges

    So much for thieves being tweakers. It would be interesting to know which jurisdiction and what law(s) were used to charge these people. Assuming the prosecution is successful, AZ prosecutors/law enforcement need to be made aware of a path to charge those who would knowingly take other peoples property. Good on the people who came together to ID these crooks. Even better, law enforcement acting on a full platter of evidence that landed in their lap.
  7. Swivelhead

    Son's first Antelope

    Nice buck! Congrats to you & your son.
  8. Swivelhead

    Swaro 12x50 or 15x56HD?

    I'd recommend you get both. They are tools of the trade. Each have their own attributes.
  9. Swivelhead


    I agree, victim was this years cub. Aggressor appeared to be a relatively young bear too. Wonder where the sow was during this encounter.
  10. Swivelhead

    people selling hunting spots on line....your thoughts

    You sir, have defined yourself. Pout somewhere else.
  11. Swivelhead

    Promaster 525c

    Bought two on a black friday deal from Cameraland a number of years ago. They have served me well. I use a Vanguard PH-113V fluid head on 1 and a Outdoorsmans panhead on the other. I'd recommend using locktite on the bolts/nuts where the legs connect to the center housing. I've had them come loose, locktite cured the issue. Occasionally, I'll have an issue with collapsing the tripod legs (especially the 1st large section). With the compression nut loosened, gently rotate (back & forth) the section you are attempting to collapse, it should collapse easily. Periodically I dismantle the leg sections and remove dust & grit. I believe you will be pleased with your purchase.
  12. Swivelhead

    What is your dream/bucket list hunt?

    If you're going to dream, might as well dream big! In 2002 I was @ SCI convention in Vegas. Talked to an outfitter about Marco Polo sheep ...... 30K at that point in time. Hope you make it happen.
  13. Swivelhead

    What is your dream/bucket list hunt?

    Ibex in their native habitat.
  14. Bench rest shooters, long range shooters , etc. all push the envelope. The average shooter benefits from their attempts to improve the status quo. Manufacturers adopt proven technology that evolves from their exploits. I say kudos to those who spend/build the next generation of rifle. We all benefit. Although I don't dabble in the custom arena, I appreciate those who do.
  15. Our family (my dad purchased it in the 50's) has a Savage 340 in .222 Rem. that shoots 1/4" - 1/2" groups all day long with just about any ammo. I was excited to post this info when I saw the thread. Low and behold, the 3rd post is same/same. LOL