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  1. rossislider

    Pluckable Foam Sheets for Rifle Cases

    Last call before I order.
  2. I saw a lady on the news yesterday that was adamant the government pave the the roads up on the rim. Every village has and idiot. It sure is nice when they go on the news to let us know who they are.
  3. rossislider

    How Die Hard Of A Hunter are you??

    Maybe you should start a new thread. We need details. Congrats!
  4. rossislider

    How Die Hard Of A Hunter are you??

    "Lousy hunter"... "successful every once in a while" SMH! If this is true, I REALLY SUCK!
  5. rossislider

    How Die Hard Of A Hunter are you??

    I ask myself all the time how these guys who hunt every day for weeks straight every year do it. Not that we all wouldn't love to do it. But with a traditional job, kids, family etc. I just can't see how I could do it. So I do lots of long 3-4 day long weekends, go back to work for a few days, and then hit it again for 3-4 days. Sometimes I will stretch it to a week, but those are rare and on exceptional hunts. I am fortunate to get about 4 weeks of paid vacation time per year (lots of tenure at my job). But I can't be selfish and take all that time for myself. Even though my kids and wife enjoy the outdoors with me and most of our vacations are to the mountains, we still have to do family reunions, occasions theme parks, historical stuff, etc.
  6. Terrible accident. I can't imagine what would cause a person to be driving an ATV/UTV at high speeds along the Mogollon Rim. I believe they were on the 300 road. That is a nasty drop that gives me chills when driving my truck along it at NORMAL speeds (flashbacks from a accident I was in years ago). Slow down on those ATVs!!!
  7. I'll bet that maid was thrilled when she walked into the bathroom behind you guys! 😳
  8. rossislider

    Friends Archery Bull elk down

    Here he is done. Thanks Kyle and Brian. This one posed a couple of unique challeges, but he is super cool and we love the dark light contrast. Congratulations guys!
  9. rossislider

    New Hoyt Ruckus

    So tempted... Glad you are on the opposite side of the valley or it might be sold. Great starter boy and deal for some kid.
  10. rossislider

    Friends Archery Bull elk down

    Draysen has been teaching himself how to measure and score using Youtube and decided Kyle's bull would be a good one to practice on. So it is far from an official score, but that is what he came up with. The long 3rds helped and his back ends are better than a lot of the drought bulls we have seen.
  11. rossislider

    Friends Archery Bull elk down

    Congratulations to both of you! Here is another look at him, 24 hours later.
  12. rossislider

    Pluckable Foam Sheets for Rifle Cases

    I have one guy for a couple. Anyone else?
  13. rossislider

    Pluckable Foam Sheets for Rifle Cases

  14. I am in need of some additional foam sheets for my hard Pelican type rifle case. As you can see in the picture below, I am currently using the type you have to cut yourself, which a hate (see my crappy cuts). I would like to have several sheets that are rifle specific, because once you cut one, it pretty much fits that rifle and that rifle only. I very much prefer the pluckable style sheets that you trace and pluck, as they come out much cleaner, but have been unable to find a reasonably priced place to order them locally. I finally found a place online that sells exactly what I want at a pretty reasonable price, but shipping is a bit of a killer. If I order enough I can bring the shipping price way down. I am hoping that I can find some others like myself that want to go in on an order. I am buying 55"x16"x2" sheets for $20 that can be plucked to fit any size case. But other sizes and thickness are available. If you are interested let me know. Pick up would be in the area of Queen Creek, Tempe, (ASU area), or somewhere in between. Thanks
  15. rossislider

    Whats up with the PMs?

    Got it.