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  1. rossislider

    Sages First Elk

    Congratulations the whole crew! Youth cow hunts are awesome.
  2. rossislider

    First buck

    Dang nice first buck!
  3. rossislider

    Wyoming Adventure

    Congrats buddy, I enjoyed the updates on the trip.
  4. rossislider

    My Little Princess's First Kill

    No one is more grateful (well maybe the future husband) of that than I!!!
  5. rossislider

    My Little Princess's First Kill

    It is pretty cool, and just over the size of a quarter.
  6. rossislider

    My Little Princess's First Kill

    Well, after my wife killed her bull (see other post from a few minutes ago), it was time to get my little princess some practice. She turned 10 this past Saturday, and has her first big game hunt at the end of this month (3A/3C deer). There was no hesitation in her as she dropped the hammer on some squirrels. Lucky for her, she knows someone who does euro mounts (big brother) and made her a nice trophy for her birthday.
  7. rossislider

    10-22 Owners with scopes Step Inside

    A nice member on here donated an old 3-9 scope that came free on a rifle he purchased a while back. Perfect for a little girl's first 22lr. So as to not hijack this thread, I'll past that story in a topic momentarily...
  8. rossislider

    Wife's First Elk Hunt

    Well here is the short and sweet version of my wife's first elk hunt. She drew a limited opportunity "Any Elk" HAM hunt. I knew it had the potential to be a tough hunt so contacted my friend Shane Koury to help us out. We got on a monster bull early on day one that none of us had ever seen before, but he wasn't in a shootable location. As we moved in on him, he and his cows busted us. We were determined that he would be our target bull and set about to pursue him the rest of the hunt. The first day and a half were great. He was a very silent bull and bugled very little, which made it tough to find and trail him in a flat, cedar heavy unit. Late on day two the weather started moving in and for the next few days we were pelted by rain, snow, sleet, hail, and heavy wind with little to no breaks in the weather. This weather effectively killed the rut in our unit. The bugling slowed to just one bugle before light by day two. By day four the bulls were back in bachelor groups and there was zero rut activity or behavior. On day five Shane and I did an evaluation of my wife's mood. We agreed that we (mostly me) were putting our standards and expectation of bull size/class on her and encouraged her to be more open with us about what she was looking for in the hunt. It was clear she really just wanted to shoot a mature bull, and we didn't want to kill her enthusiasm with the continued grind for our target bull. After we "adjusted" our expectations and plans, we quickly came across this guy in a bachelor group of three bulls. Kursty made a good 235 yard shot with the muzzleloader. We heard the loud unmistakable thump of the bullet making impact, but he ran off into the thick cedars. After a short time we began tracking him. No blood, but because of all the moisture, a blind man could have tracked his deep prints in the mud. After bumping him a couple times we agreed to back out and give him four hours. It was probably about 40 degrees at the time so we weren't too concerned about meat spoilage. We could tell he was struggling to stay ahead of us and was done, but needed some time. Those four hours drove my wife to a near nervous breakdown. After picking up the trail where we left off that morning, we found he had bedded up not far from where we left him. Kursty put one last shot in him at 21 yards and he was done. This was a fantastic first elk hunt for my wife that had a little bit of everything, highs and lows, grinding it out, crazy weather, a little rut activity, etc. I am super happy for her and can't wait to get her out in the field again.
  9. rossislider

    rifle for wife

    My wife has shot most of my rifles from the 22lrs up to the 300 RUM, 50 cal muzzle loader, and many in between. By far, her favorite is the Ruger Precision in 6.5 Creedmoor. It fits all of your boxes except the weight. It is a heavy rifle, but with the weight (and factory installed muzzle brake) you get little to no recoil. It really is a fun shooter and will definitely get well beyond 500 yards. Mine shoots under 1/2 MOA with my load using Hornady ELD-X bullets. The adjustable length and cheek weld on the stock is also a huge plus for smaller shooters. Sine I am always carrying the rifle for my wife and younger ids, the extra weight isn't a big deal. https://grabagun.com/ruger-precision-rfl-6-5crd-24-10rd.html I'll also give a shout for the previously mentioned Tikkas. Great rifles for a small price tag. But with the light weight, she will feel considerably more recoil. I have a Tikka in 7-08 that I put a brake on for my wife and kids. https://grabagun.com/tikka-t3x-lite-black-7mm-08-22-4-inch.html Also check out the Ruger Predator in 6.5 Creedmoor. I don't have one, but know lots of guys that swear by them. Tough to beat the performance in a $400 rifle. https://grabagun.com/ruger-american-6-5-cred-22-pred.html
  10. rossislider


    First Lite also does tall sizes.
  11. rossislider

    Meat Processing Near the Kiabab?

    My buddy just texted me from up on the Kiabab. His two daughters have the doe hunt that opens up this morning and is trying to find the nearest meat processor in that area? I'd personally just cool the meat and bring it home. It is definitely cool enough up there. But he woud rather find someone up there.
  12. rossislider

    Slik tripod

  13. rossislider

    What is the best Couse unit in AZ

    Also, download and listen to the Jay Scott Outdoors podcast episode 464 with Duwane Adams, a Coues hunting legend. They talk about your exact question.
  14. rossislider

    What is the best Couse unit in AZ

    Dave is as good of a resource as you will find and is a big wig with the AZ Deer Association. I would jump on his offer. You are also welcome to send me a PM. There are a lot of really good Coues units in the state. But a lot goes into a what is a good Coues unit for you. What some might find great, others might struggle in. Likewise a lot depends on your own ability to travel to certain areas, hike, shoot long distance, etc. Are you willing to hunt the Mexico border? Do you know what the significance of hunting the border is? These are all import questions. Like I said shoot me a message if you like and I will do my best to help you out.
  15. rossislider

    Donating a tag

    The contact at Arizona Elk Society, Hunts for Heroes program is Tom Wagner. He is also a member on here. You can call him at the number below, and he can walk you through the transfer process. 480-760-3868