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*Updated 9/5* Bear Skull Cleaning Finished!!!

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To preface this, for those of you who might not know, my almost 13 year old son, Draysen, got licensed as a taxidermist this past spring through AZGFD and started a skull cleaning business. The members of CWT have been extremely supportive as he got started by donating equipment, sharing tips, and trusting him with their trophies. Since March he has cleaned in the neighborhood of 100 skulls with the help of a little free labor from dad. It has turned into quite the venture for him

This past weekend I was contacted by CWT member Smith2260 about having Draysen clean a bear skull for him from his weekend hunt. While working on it this evening, my son and I talked about sharing the step by step process with you all. Smith 2260 was kind enough to allow us to use his pictures and share the updates, so here goes. I will continue to update this post over the next week or two as we continue the work on the skull.

The hide had been removed prior to receiving the skull, so Draysen's first step was was to separate the jaw and remove as much excess flesh as possible in preparation for simmering.

Simmered in a pot of water and detergent on low heat for about 30 minutes.

After removing it from the pot he used a pressure washer to remove all remaining flesh, brain matter, etc.

At this point in needs to soak in the whitener for at least a week to whiten and slowly draw out the grease from the skull.

More to come...



*Update 8/22/17*

We are exactly one week in now, and pulled the bear from the degreasing/whitening agent. It is coming out fantastic!


You will notice that most of the smaller teeth from the top front jaw have been pulled. The smaller ones from the bottom jaw are equally loose, but we left them in for the picture. Most of the big teeth have become loose as well. This happens as the peroxide "disolves" the tissue down in the small spaces down by the roots. One of the final completion steps will be to glue them back in.


For now, he has gone to a second step in the degreasing to remove some more of that deep embedded grease from the skull. After a few days of this, he will let to skull dry to see if any grease starts to appear and will go from there.




*Updated 9/5/17*

After the previous pictures, he had to go back in the degreaser for a while. He is now finished up, has a sealer coat and is ready to go home.


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I'm looking forward to seeing the final results. Great job Draysen!


I'm sure I can speak for the entire CW community and say we are very proud of you! You can accomplish anything in life with a good attitude and a great work ethic. Keep up the great work!!!!!

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Nothing is cooler then seeing youth think outside the box and find ways to get into a market place and make money!!! Good for you guys and especially your son!! Keep the report coming because I haven't mastered the skull cleaning to a T yet.

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That's awesome. What whitener is he using? Major kudos on his getting his taxidermy license. Very inspiring young man.

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36 hours in the whitening/degreasing solution and you can see that the bone has gotten extremely white. Were this an ungulate, it would probably be pulled, but due the the density of the grease in a bear, it will be left in for several more days as the peroxide continues to draw out the grease.


There are many degreasing methods that different people use, but based on the several degreasing studies/tests we have read, watched, and tried, this method has yielded the best long term results for us.



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Updates and pictures added above to the original post.


He now has a business Facebook page as well as Instagram. Give him a follow.


Facebook - Great Hunter Skullz

Instagram - gr8hunterskullz

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