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  1. Mountainman99

    Second choice?

    Unit 10 it is! Got through on the phone.
  2. Mountainman99

    Second choice?

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm back in pv but if we get a chance we should go do some scouting. His portal account is messed up so he's going to have to call on Monday to get it straightened out. Can't wait to find out!
  3. Mountainman99

    Second choice?

    I know I will find out in a couple of days but the suspense is killing me. I've been putting my dad in for these hunts for his birthday for a few years not thinking he would ever really draw before he got too old. Well he hit the elk hunting lotto. He either drew 10 early rifle first choice or 6a early rifle second choice. My question is could he really draw his second choice since it had less tags and probably the same draw odds?
  4. Mountainman99

    Late season 7e for Elk

    Haha that's I haven't seen an elk in 5 days of hard hunting glad to get some meat in the freezer grin๐Ÿ˜
  5. Mountainman99

    Late season 7e for Elk

    Pet peeve of mine when people ask for help and don't come back to say how they did. Any way my brother shot this tasty spike elk last hour of the hunt in 7E. He had only seen two elk the whole time until he ran into this herd. Tough Unit for sure.
  6. Mountainman99

    Unit 10 Late rifle bull

    Hunted this the last two years. Unless you consider your self an above average hunter I would shoot the first bull you see and opening day is your best chance. The bulls hide in the thickest stuff you can find. Oh and if you have been in ten there isn't much for back country there is just pockets of country between roads.
  7. Mountainman99

    Favorite dead head

    Utah buck
  8. Mountainman99

    What is your dream/bucket list hunt?

    This guy I worked with went to Canada where he horse backed into a spike camp. Then horse backed into hunting spots ever day. He could shoot a Caribou,a moose and a bear. He ended up getting the caribou and moose and almost got a bear. It sounded like my dream hunt to a t. Maybe some day.
  9. Mountainman99

    Polaris Ranger 2014 900xp Browning

    It came with the tire mount when I got it. Sorry I don't know where you can get one. There are a bunch online.
  10. Mountainman99

    Polaris Ranger 2014 900xp Browning

    My wife says I have to get this one out of the garage since I upgraded to a general. Asking $8000 or best offer. Runs great, no problems, no leaks. Has rock sliders, extra belt, extra tire, gun scabbards, and winch. Always garage stored. New front tires. 4600 miles Title in hand. Located in Prescott valley. 9286000192 call or text
  11. Mountainman99

    WY - A long time coming

    That was funny! Good job
  12. Mountainman99

    First Archery Bull - long story

  13. Mountainman99

    Anyone interested in Long Range Rifle deal?

    We just started making them but you probably won't see any in inventory for a while. You can custom order them though.
  14. Mountainman99

    Anyone interested in Long Range Rifle deal?

    Honestly I think they shoot very well. Every gun comes with a target with a half inch group at a hundred yards from that gun except the fury's. So you know it's shooting well when it leaves here. I won't lie and say that we've never had a problem with a gun but we are really good about fixing any of our mistakes and I would say 98 99 percent of our guns have no problems. We are all hunters here. We use the guns so it's not like we make claims that we don't use ourselves. The owner killed a bull at six hundred yards two days ago with one that you can watch on our facebook page. Cabela's just bought a bunch of guns from us so even the big guys have confidence in us. That's my humble opinion as the accountant of the company. Once in a while they even let me out of the office to go sight in guns with them ๐Ÿ˜€ I haven't seen anything in my time here to make me think we don't make a quality gun here.
  15. Mountainman99

    Anyone interested in Long Range Rifle deal?

    We build whatever is popular we really don't have a preference. Our guns are so popular right now we can hardly keep any in stock hence only a few guns on the inventory page. I would probably get more response on a custom build, but I don't want to wait months for some ones gun to be built to get paid :-) I could buy it personally getting a background check on myself and sell it private party which is what I am essentially doing, but I could get an ffl holder involved as well it wouldn't be a problem.