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  1. arizonaelkhunter

    Unit 23 north map

    Flatline the best and the 23 unit is downloable in Avenza. Works with no internet as well.
  2. arizonaelkhunter

    Anyone know what this is

    I use to go to all the meeting with Dad every month. They use to raffle off some cool stuff and their meeting were next to or at from what can remember at Goetel AC.
  3. arizonaelkhunter

    Hits Started

    Got hit for 90 for my southern buddy, hunting Ft Huachuca in November or December this year, both great hunts. Good luck to everyone.
  4. arizonaelkhunter

    Elk Brownies

    Was turkey hunting with my brother and didn’t get one but we got these. Good weekend.
  5. arizonaelkhunter

    Not Closing the Rim?!?!

    Shut the whole dang forest down. Can’t fix stupid and guess what, people are stupid. The honest folks in the open areas won’t start fires or other activities that start fires but the ones that are could careless will, all demographics, you can count on it. Tinder was an illegal fire that some ahole started and then went home with out putting out. RESULT=multiple home owners cabins destroyed. Had that fire not been contained and dropped into Leonard Canyon,guess what would have occurred? Good bye Rim,good bye everything else. As for people getting charged for the damage, totally agree, but never happens, maybe a ban in National Forest for 10 years or so, but nothing that sticks because the people that do it couldn’t afford to write in a coloring book let alone pay the fines imposed. Maybe folks that are caught with illegal fires or leaving them and going home if caught should have all of their vehicles,home, if they have one and everything else taken and leave them on the street. I am sick of the traffic on some sites saying people are confused about fire restrictions or closures (not on this site sort far). People need to learn how to read and how to look at maps which are clearly posted now on all of the areas, County, state and federal of those restrictions. I am not the best educated guy in the state however I do know this, as of right now, THERE ARE NO FIRES ALLOWED ANYWHERE IN ARIZONA. What part of that does anyone not understand. Thank the lord my CW.com brothers and sisters get this because the idiots don’t. You all have a safe Memorial Day weekend and report any aholes who have fires going. Hopefully everyone with tags or possible tags for upcoming hunts will have a forest to hunt in.
  6. arizonaelkhunter

    Tonto National Forest Area Closures

    I saw a social media post that stated Tonto Forest will implement designated area closures on 23 MAY 18. I looked at the link that directed you to the Tonto web page however, nothing was there. Anybody seen or know what areas are being affected by the closures?
  7. Hey Amanda, just wondering if there will be another contest this year.
  8. arizonaelkhunter

    Chocolate colored bear

    Hey Zoltar, hope all is well for you. I am surprised there is still water in the tank as dry as it’s been. I drew a cow tag up by Flagstaff and my Uncle and his wife drew a late Bull tag up in your neck of the woods. How bout you.
  9. arizonaelkhunter

    Apache-Sitgreaves Forest Closures Imminent

    I just read also that Coconino County SO and Flagstaff PD will be conducting early am and night flights to find illegal fires.
  10. arizonaelkhunter

    Apache-Sitgreaves Forest Closures Imminent

    Closure specifics are coming for the areas affected. Right now both Navajo and Apache Counties have enacted stage III closures. Forest service lands will be handled separately and all of the one concerned which is almost all of them will be announcing soon. I suspect you might see established campgrounds with water on site remain open with stage II fire restrictions and unestablished areas be closed until we get the monsoons. I usually camp on Memorial Day weekend in the Greens Peak area however I suspect that area will have restrictions. Guess I will go wine tasting in Sonoita.
  11. arizonaelkhunter

    Chocolate colored bear

    Yep,the whole trip was a rarity. Watched those bears come in, then a rag horn 5X and the an hour later a 6X. Two days later my daughter shot her cow on the same tank.
  12. arizonaelkhunter

    Chocolate colored bear

    Sweet pic, I have a video I took on my daughters Jr elk hunt last October that I am saving for the picture/video contest that Amanda does every year that is awesome. 4 bears, one sow and three cubs of which one was a brownee. They were 56 feet from us and jumped into a pond and swam across the thing twice.
  13. arizonaelkhunter

    G&F new TAG printings

    They probably do and they also receive all of our information if you are drawn to solicit your business. My daughter drew a Jr,s tag last year and we received 6 different mailers from guides. When I have drawn for myself in the past same deal.
  14. arizonaelkhunter

    G&F new TAG printings

    I just received my elk tag and noticed the large envelope it came in and then thought, how much more money is the Game and Fish paying for postage. I figured it out when I opened the envelope and noticed all of the advertising for guides that was enclosed. I guess this is part of a State Lean Transformation project.
  15. arizonaelkhunter


    Thanks Amanda