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  1. kbaizel

    WTT ammo for reloading

    It’s going to be tough finding someone to give up reloading stuff right now.
  2. kbaizel


    Dam if these sell for that price I’ll sell mine.
  3. kbaizel

    .22LR 3550 Rounds

    Dam, I need to start offloading some of my stuff. With what the rates are I could pay off my house. Good luck to all you guys out there paying the high prices. Its a sellers market right now.
  4. kbaizel

    WTB WTT H1000

    I guess my trade is not so bad after all
  5. kbaizel

    WTB WTT H1000

    I trade a can for a Glcok 43 strait across.
  6. kbaizel

    ISO 30-30 bullets only

    I have a box. I will only trade for a Glock 43
  7. kbaizel

    Paying Children Allowance

    I have a friend that gives his kid everything he ask for. The kid now is 22 and is useless as heck. That is most of the problem with young adults this day.
  8. kbaizel

    Paying Children Allowance

    Dam kids get allowances now. I had to mow yards and shovel gravel growing up to get my allowance. Dam kids have it easy now.