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  1. tomkat12

    Trade new ADG 6.5 PRC brass for N565

    Sent you a pm
  2. tomkat12

    Trade new ADG 6.5 PRC brass for N565

    Hmm...very tempting
  3. tomkat12

    WTB Grendel Barrel

    How much for the bolt? Brand?
  4. Thanks! I have a 30 Sherman in the works, 6.5 will be next.
  5. Ever get around to trying the 156 and RL 23?
  6. My brass finally came in and I don't see me needing these. $100 firm. I live in Ahwatukee and you need to come to me. Tom 480-868-9664
  7. tomkat12

    Tikka carbon fiber 6.5 PRC shouldered barrel FS

    Forgot to mention I will offer the purchaser the opportunity to purchase new Hornady brass or Hornady 147 grn factory ammo.
  8. Went a different direction on a build and looking to save someone a bunch of time and a few bucks. Brand new never installed Carbonsix barrel. $700 firm. Barrel details in photos. Located in Phx 480-868-9664
  9. tomkat12

    Brass Annealing

    Interested...been sending mine out of state.
  10. tomkat12

    96 Toyota 4runner Transmission needs repair

    Any guess as to what might be wrong since you seem to have some knowledge?